15-ton rice milling machine exported to Bangladesh

Bangladesh, being primarily an agrarian economy, considers rice as one of its main staple crops. However, the labor-intensive and inefficient traditional rice milling process has been a bottleneck in the development of the grain processing industry.

To usher in a new era of modernized agriculture, our customer, a grain processing plant, decided to introduce advanced rice milling machinery to enhance production efficiency and product quality.

15 ton rice milling machine
15-Ton Rice Milling Machine

Solutions provided for our customer in Bangladesh

According to their needs, we tailored a comprehensive solution for this grain processing plant. We provided a 15-ton rice milling machine, integrating cutting-edge technology and precise craftsmanship to ensure every grain of rice remains intact. This machine not only significantly improves milling efficiency but also, through precise control, achieves a level of product quality that meets high standards.

Through close collaboration with the customer, we ensured seamless integration of the equipment with the production line. Additionally, we provided comprehensive training for this plant, enabling them to operate the new equipment proficiently and maintain it in optimal condition during day-to-day operations.

Rice milling machine
Rice Milling Machine

Benefits of introducing our 15-ton rice milling machine

The introduction of our advanced 15-ton rice milling machine has brought a series of remarkable transformations and benefits to the grain processing plant:

  1. Soaring Production Capacity: The deployment of the new rice milling machine has significantly boosted the grain processing plant’s production efficiency. Grain processing speed and efficiency have been greatly enhanced, leading to a substantial increase in output.
  2. Assured Product Quality: The precise control and advanced technology of the milling machine ensure the integrity and quality of every grain. The product quality of the grain processing plant has been greatly elevated, giving it a stronger competitive edge in the market.
  3. Cost Reduction: The new rice milling machine adopts an energy-efficient design, reducing energy consumption and lowering production costs. Simultaneously, it also reduces the investment of human resources, enhancing the overall economic benefits of production.
  4. Sustainable Development: The introduction of the advanced rice milling machine reflects the grain processing plant’s commitment to sustainable development. By improving production efficiency and reducing resource consumption, the grain processing plant has laid a solid foundation for future growth.

This rice milling machine is not just a piece of equipment; it is the driving force behind the soaring success of the grain processing plant. Its introduction has not only made the production process more efficient but has also earned the grain processing plant a greater reputation and market share in the industry.

Technical parameters of the rice milling machine for Bangladesh

Capacity15 tons per day
Raw materialPaddy rice
Final productsWhite rice


By introducing advanced 15-ton rice mills, this grain processing plant not only achieved significant breakthroughs in production efficiency but also took a key step towards modern agriculture in Bangladesh. We will continue to adhere to the concept of innovation, provide customers with high-quality agricultural equipment, and jointly promote the development of the agricultural industry.