Rice polisher machine shipped to Iran

In April 2023, a customer from Iran bought a rice polisher machine and a rice dehuller from us. We produce complete sets of equipment related to rice milling. The rice huller and rice milling machines are important parts of the rice milling unit. Our fully automatic rice polishing units help customers to process brown rice into clean white rice.

Parameters of rice polisher machine

Rice huskerPaddy Husker
Model: MLGT36-B
Rubber Roller Length: 358mm
Rubber Roller Dia.: 225mm
Capacity: 3-6t/h
Power: 7.5kw
Air Volume: 3200–36000m3/h
Size: 1300*1260*2100mm
Packing Volume: 3.7cbm
Rice polishing machineRice Polisher Machine
Model: MNMS 25
Capacity: 3.5-4.5t/h
Power: 37-45kw
Size: 1350*750*1800mm
Packing Volume: 2.4cbm

Reasons for customers to buy our rice milling machine

  1. We provide accurate equipment recommendations according to the information provided by customers. When the customer sent us an inquiry, there were only the alphabetical abbreviations of the equipment. Our sales manager understood that the equipment the customer needed was a rice polisher machine and a huller based on professional knowledge.
  2. Professional equipment knowledge. Our sales manager knows the equipment very well and we are always ready to give professional answers to our customers. We gave the customer timely information about the parameters of the rice milling machine and grain huller.
  3. Timely inform the customer of every aspect of the equipment. After the customer pays, we will provide the customer with pictures of every aspect of making the rice milling machine or rice milling production line. and before and after the packaging of the machine, as well as the logistics information in transportation.

Modern rice mill machinery customer profile

The customer is helping his own customers to buy the equipment. He has been living in China for many years. His customer has a rice mill factory and recently needed to purchase a rice huller and rice milling machine. So the customer sent us an inquiry.

Packing and shipping of the paddy rice mill machine

Shipping of the ice milling machine
Shipping Of The Ice Milling Machine