Automatic rice milling plant sold to Nigeria

The customer was from Nigeria and wanted to set up an automatic rice milling plant there. He found out that we manufacture rice milling machines through our website and contacted us on his own initiative. Our sales manager talked to the customer via WhatsApp about setting up the rice mill and the machine. During the communication with the customer, the customer was also busy arranging the workers and the plant. Our sales manager carefully advised the customer to set up the production house. We also recommended the model of the rice milling unit and the specific installation location of the machine according to the size of the plant.

After a series of communication, the customer finally decided to purchase a 15-ton rice milling machine. We also have rice milling lines with higher output and different rice milling units. Customers can purchase the corresponding model according to their needs.

Parameters of 15T/D automatic rice milling plant

Model15T/D combined rice milling machine
Voltage415V50HZ three-phase
Total power21.25KW
rice milling machine’s parameter

Components of the rice milling machine

This model of rice milling machine includes a feed hopper, elevator, stone remover, rice milling machine, gravity rice grader, electric cabinet, and screening machine.

Rice milling machine
Rice Milling Machine

Functions of each part

1. Conveying section (using wind transport to lift and convey)
The advantage of wind transport is that the grain and rice will not be broken. At the same time, it can also suck out the debris from the grain and rice. 2.

2. Main functions of the debris removal sieve
Remove the rice stalk debris, insect powder, sand powder, mud, and dust on the grain and supply the combined effect of wind suction.

3. Main functions of the de-sanding machine
The blowing type de-sanding machine is through the wind blowing and eccentric running action, using the principle of different specific gravity of grain and other objects to separate different objects. It can remove, sand, stones, mud pieces, broken iron, nails, and other debris.

4. Operation function of the elevator
The elevator consists of a flat belt and struggles to form a conveyor belt, through the motor to drive, the grain will be lifted and transported.

5. The main function of the rice mill
The main function of the rice mill is to dehull. Its construction principle is simple, strong, durable, wear-resistant, power-saving, and easy to maintain. The dehulling rate is as high as 90%-98%.

6. Role of gravity separation sieve

Gravity separation sieve is through the eccentric role of the eccentric shaft and eccentric wheel and the uneven particle structure on the plane of the screen plate, after low-speed operation resulting in the separation of different objects. Its separation effect is good, smooth running, and easy to adjust.

Effect show
Effect Show

Working flow of the automatic rice milling plant

Firstly, it passes through debris removal and de-graveling and is sucked through the wind feeding part. Then the brown rice arrives in the huller for dehulling and is then conveyed by the elevator. Then the gravity sifter separates out the rice that is not milled cleanly. This rice will reach the rice mill again for secondary milling. At the same time, the machine will suck out the very fine bran. Finally, the fine rice is discharged and the sifter is continuously vibrated to produce complete and shiny rice.

Commercial rice mill machine

What should we pay attention to when choosing the rice milling plant?

1, There are many types of rice milling machines, so users need to find out the scope of use and conditions when making purchases. This is the only way to buy the right rice milling machine, and it is also more convenient to apply.
2, The user must carefully check the quality of the rice mill when purchasing a rice mill. You can examine the structure of the rice mill from whether it is solid, the weight of the whole machine, the effect of the trial machine, etc.

Daily maintenance of automatic rice milling plant

  1. Daily processing should pay attention to the maintenance of equipment, each high-speed running part of the bearings. Every work 3 months plus grease and add it once every six months on lower speed bearing parts.
  2. The lubricating oil in the rice milling machine body is added according to the situation, and should not be added too much to avoid overflow.
  3. After working for a period of time, when the precision of rice starts to decline, you should check whether the pressure bar, sand roller, rice sieve, liner ring, and other parts in the middle chamber are excessively worn.
  4. If the output becomes low, check whether the material supply of the elevator is sufficient. After excluding any foreign body blockage, focus on adjusting the belt tension to prevent slippage. 

Packing and transportation of 15T/D automatic rice milling plant

Here are the pictures of the packaging and transportation of the automatic rice milling plant.