Different models rice huller / rice hulling machine

SB series of rice huller is used to process the brown rice into white rice that can be sold at the market. Their capacities range from 400kg/h-2300kg/h, so you can choose a suitable one on the base of your need. With a high cleaning rate, this rice huller is very favored not only by individuals but by rice processing industries.

The rice enters the machine through vibrating screen and magnet device firstly, under the function of rubber roller, combing with wind selection, air blowing and milling chamber, the rice has removed the husk and then polished. Finally, impurities such as chaff, rice husk, and white rice are discharged separately from different outlets.

Machine operation video

Rice milling machine
Rice Milling Machine

Technical parameter of rice huller

Model SB-05D SB-10D SB-30D SB-50D
Power 10hp /5.5 KW 15hp /11KW     18hp /15 KW 30hp /22KW
Capacity 400-600kg/h 700-1000kg/h    1100-1500kg/h 1800-2300kg/h
Net weight 130kg 230kg      270kg 530kg
Gross weight 160kg  285kg      300kg 580kg
Overall size 860*692*1290mm 760*730*1735mm 1070*760*1760mm 2400*1080*2080mm
Loading QTY/20GP 27 sets 24sets 18sets 12sets

The detailed information on spare parts

Rice hulling parts

  1. Rubber roller: diameter: 222mm   Length: 101.6mm
  2. The rotation speed of high-speed roller:  1200rpm
  3. The rotation speed of low-speed roller: 890rpm

Rice milling part

  1. Rice Roller: φ86x 278 mm
  2. Screw head: φ80x 110 mm (outer diameter x length)
  3. Hexagonal screen: 97 2 mm
  4. Hexagon screen size: 0.95*15 mm (width x length)
  5. Spindle speed: 900 rpm
  6. High-pressure fan speed: 3400 rpm
  7. Power: 15 kW
Machine in factory
Machine In Factory

Structure of rice huller

Having developed for a long time, our technicians design a reasonable structure towards rice hulling machine. And it is mainly composed of

  1. Inlet
  2. Vibrating screen
  3. Hopper board
  4. Adjust the quantity of rice to enter the machine
  5. The gap between the two rollers
  6. Fan of blowing draught fan
  7. Rice husk outlet
  8. White rice outlet
  9. Rice nozzle (Adjust the degree of whiteness of rice)
  10. Hexagonal screen
  11. Polishing chamber
  12. High-pressure fan.

The working steps: 1-2-3-5-4-6-7-8-11

How does rice huller work?

  1. The rice enters the feeding hopper of rice huller machine(1) and then is screened by a vibrating screen(2)so as to remove sand and stone.
  2. Pull out the hopper board(3), and the screened rice slides over the magnet device to remove the iron and falls into the two rubber rollers to remove the rice husk.
  3. The rice flow is controlled by the part(4), and the high-speed rubber roller and low-speed roller rotates conversely. Their speed difference is 3.6 m/s, and the speed ratio is 1:1.35.
  4. By the wind selection and separation, the big size rice husk is blown out of by draught fan (6). The small size rice husk is discharged from outlet(7). However, brown rice enters the polishing chamber. (11 )
  5. Finally, the white rice is discharged from the outlet(8)
  6. During the operation of rice hulling machine, the high-pressure fan(12)continuously sprays the wind to reduce the temperature in the whitening chamber, which can enable the color of rice to be bright and is conducive to discharging the rice husk.

Note: The whiteness of the rice can be adjusted by pressing the rice nozzle(9) and the fine rice husk is discharged through the hexagonal sieve(10)

Different angles of machine
Different Angles Of Machine

Rice hulling machine advantage

  1. Rice hulling machine boasts comprehensive layout, reasonable design, compact structure, simple and reliable operation adjustment and low noise,
  2. The white rice includes less rice husk and the broken rate is very low.
  3. The milling precision can reach more than standard. What’s more, this rice huller bears Low power consumption and high work efficiency.
  4. Rice huller is very easy to operate, and very suitable for home use or industry use.
  5. The final rice is rather clean without much rice husk and other impurities.

What should be noted during the operation?

  1. The motor of rice huller can’t exceed 11kw.
  2. The rubber roller should not touch the grease, and it can not be exposed to the sun or close to high temperatures.
  3. When the rubber roller wears 3 mm in diameter, it should be replaced in time. If the screw head wears 2 mm, or if the width of the spiral part is 5 mm, replace them with a new one.
  4. The bearing parts should be filled with oil regularly.
  5. Regularly clean the rice husk fan, and remove the impurities on the surface.

Delivery details of rice huller

We deliver this rice hulling machine to different countries monthly. The followings are the packing details, and they are delivered to South Africa, where the customer wanted to buy 10 sets for his friends and him. We carefully packed machine for safe delivery

Wooden case package
Wooden Case Package
Check machine carefully
Check Machine Carefully

Customer feedback video


  1. Can I adjust the whiteness degree of rice?

Yes, it can be adjusted by the part that is near the white rice outlet.

  1. What is the rice husk removing rate?

It is more than 95%.

  1. What should I do if the rice husking removing rate is very low?

Reduce the distance of the rubber roller.

  1. Why the rice husk contains some brown rice?

You may not open the wind pressure regulating the door. Both doors should be opened equally, and the length of the rice husk outlet pipe should not exceed 5 meters. If it is more than 5m, it will be difficult to discharge rice husk.

  1. How to adjust the length of spring before operation?

It should be 125mm.

  1. How to adjust the rice flow handle?

Open the board and slowly turn the flow adjustment handle to the left so that the pointer points between 2.5 and 3.

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