Home use rice milling and crushing machine

Rice milling machine is to mill threshed rice, and then you will get white rice with bright color. What this type differs from other models in the market is that it not only can mill rice, but crush grain, feed, Chinese herbal medicine, etc., so it is a multifunctional machine. It is widely applied in rice processing industries and individual use.

Rice miller
Rice Miller

Why rice should be milled?

As we all know, the rice still has husk after threshing and its color is nearly brown, and such rice needs to milled to remove the husk. Only in this way can it be eaten by people. What’s more, the polishing part inside rice miller can make rice become white, which is the rice we often see in the supermarket. Therefore, rice milling machine is important equipment in our daily life, for a lot of people prefer to eat rice as their main course.

Threshed rice kernels
Threshed Rice Kernels

How to choose a proper rice milling machine?

If you are confused about how to choose a good rice miller, I will give you some useful suggestions today. If you want to buy a machine only for individual use, I strongly recommend you to buy Taizy small size rice milling and crushing machine because it bears lightweight, proper capacity(180kg/h, it is enough for you a family) low broken rate, and it is very suitable for home use. What’s more, it is easy to operate, and won’t waste you much time to learn how to use it.

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But if you run a rice processing factory, and I suggest you buy a combined rice milling plant with higher capacity such as 1-2t/h. Taizy SB-series of rice millers can meet your demand.

Machine inlet
Machine Inlet

Advantage of rice milling machine

  1. You can control the speed of rice to enter the machine.
  2. This rice milling machine can mill and crush rice with high working efficiency.
  3. The milled rice and rice husk can be discharged from different outlets, and the milled rice is very clean.
  4. The crushed rice husk can be used to feed animals, which is a good way to get feed.
  5. The broken rate is very low.
  6. This rice miller bears a small size, and it is very easy to move.

Operation video

Control the rice entering speed
Control The Rice Entering Speed

Why the milled rice is not good?

The rice processed by some rice miller usually is broken without bright color, and the reasons may be like the following.

  1. Firstly, the quality of the rice itself, such as being flooded during harvesting or not dried after harvesting, etc.
  2. Secondly, The knives of both inlet and outlet not properly match with rice knives. What will happen if there are some wrong? Now I list some common situations for you as a reference, and I hope it can help you when you operate it.

Generally speaking, the rice miller needs to adjust the position of the rice knife, inlet knife, and outlet knives. If the gap between the rice knife and the drum is large, then the pressure of the whitening chamber is small, which causes the weak friction between rice in the drum, and the rice cannot be accurately milled. However, the rice yield is high. On the other hand, If you expand the gap of inlet knives but shorten the outlet knife, the rice in the whitening chamber is increased, and the pressure is increased. Under this circumstance, the final rice is over white and the broken rice is increased. On the contrary, when the inlet knives are closed and the inlet knives are opened, the whitening chamber has less rice and the pressure is reduced, so the milled rice is rather rough.

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Technical parameter

Rice milling machine Main Shaft Speed 2800r/min
Capacity 120-180kg/h
Crushing machine Main Shaft Speed 5600r/min
Capacity 200kg/h
Match Power 2.2kw

What should be noted during the operation?

  1. Before entering the feeding hopper of the rice milling machine, brown rice should not contain metal and stone so as not to damage the grinding wheel.
  2. After the whitening is finished, you shall pull out the front rotating block, and the residual rice husk in the whitening room should be cleaned up
  3. When the rice miller is used for a long time, you have used it to mill much high-moisture brown rice. You can remove the wheel by a wrench, brushing the rice husk powder.
Rice milling and crushing machine
Rice Milling And Crushing Machine


  1. Can this rice miller mill and crush rice at the same time?

No, the machine has two inlets, one for milling rice, the other one for crushing the rice. You can open different switches for different purposes.

  1. What kind of raw material can be crushed by it?

Except for crushing rice, rice husk, it also can crush grain, feed, Chinese herbal medicine, etc.

  1. What’s the rice broken rate?

The rice broken rate is less than 5%。

  1. How to use the crushed rice husk?

It can be used to feed animals.

  1. Can I adjust the speed of rice to enter the machine?

Yes, it can be adjusted.

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