Rice destoner / rice paddy stone removing machine

Rice destoner is mainly used to remove the stone of rice, and it is composed of an impurity outlet, a clean rice outlet, a big stone outlet, a small stone outlet, and a rice feeding hopper. The special design of outlets on the machine is conducive to fully discharge different impurities, improving the cleaning rate. Why the stones and other impurities can be removed? Because of the difference in weight, they will go out from a specific outlet due to gravity. The cleaning rate is more than 95%, and the rice processed by this machine is very clean, it is not necessary to screen them again.    

Rice destoner 2 1
Rice Stone Removing Machine

Operation video

Technical parameters of rice destoner machine

Power2.2kw motor

Why you should use rice destoner?

If you are a farmer with a paddy field, I strongly recommend you to buy such a machine. Why? When the rice is harvested from the field, it contains many impurities such as stone, rice stalk, soil, etc. If you do not remove them completely, rice can not be milled well, which will affect the quality of rice.

Rice destoner 7
Working Site
Rice destoner 9
Clean Rice Kernels

The detailed picture of rice destoner

Rice destoner 3
vibrating screen

Rice destoner 4

The advantage of rice stone removing machine

1. The rice destoner absorbs air on the stone sieve plate without dust flying around.

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2. It adopts a large suction hood and air suction hole. The negative pressure on the stone sieve plate surface is similar, and the wind passing through the stone sieve plate is even.

3. Due to being equipped with a fan, the air volume adjustment is convenient with a large range, which achieves high stone removal efficiency.

4. The inclination angle of the stone sieve can be adjusted within the range of 10-14 degrees or 9-13 degrees, so this rice destoner can remove stones from some different kinds of grain.

5. The vibrating screen with many reasonable holes is able to separate impurities effectively.

6. You can adjust the air volume and air pressure according to your needs.

7. This rice stone removing machine can clean many crops including wheat, rice, sorghum and millet, etc.

Rice destoner 5
Rice With Impurities
Rice destoner 6
Clean Rice

Delivery news about100 sets rice destoner

We delivered 100 sets rice stone moving machine to Nigeria last month, and the following is the packing site. Why does this customer order so many machines? What are these machines used for? This customer is a dealer in Nigeria, and he sells all kinds of rice processing machines. He expands his business this year so as to make more money. In order to find a good factory that can constantly provide rice destoner with high quality, he invested much time and energy to test machine at different regions of China. He felt very satisfied with the good stone removing rate after visiting our factory, then and paid the 30% deposit before leaving.

Rice destoner 10
Finished Rice Destoner
Rice destoner 1
They Are Loading Machines
Rice destoner 11
Machine Container

The working principle of rice destoner machine

You shall idle the rice stone removing machine for several minutes before working. If everything is fine, you can place the rice into a machine. The rice and stones are separated under the violent vibration of screen, and stone and rice go in the opposite direction. After several minutes, different impurities are discharged from different holes.

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What should be noted during operation?

  1. You shall check the surface of the screen and fan before working.
  2. To enable that the stone can move upward, the inclination angle must range from 10 ° and 13 °.
  3. When the rice contains many stones, the inclination angle can be appropriately reduced.
  4. It is necessary to check whether the final rice contains many stones, if yes, you need to adjust the machine properly.
  5. If the rice on the screen vibrates violently, you should adjust the air volume.
Rice destoner 8
Clean Rice


  • Why the final rice contains many stones?

The inclination angle ranges from 10 ° and 13 °

  • Is this stone destoner only suitable for rice?

No, it is also can be used for wheat, sorghum, millet, etc.

  • What is the cleaning rate?

The cleaning rate is more than 96%.

  • Do you have the combined machine that can remove the stone inside rice and then mill rice?

Yes, we have combined rice milling machine can do that.

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