Rice harvesting machine / reaper machine

Rice harvesting machine is to harvest rice from the paddy field and it can cut rice at high speed. In addition, the whole operation just needs one person within a short time. As we all know, different countries have various topographies, in regard to such situation, our technicians develop three types of harvesters in accordance with the market demands. Even though the cutting effect same, they have unique features in terms of capacity and structure. Traditionally, people use the sickle to harvest rice, which wastes much time and energy. Taizy rice harvesting machine greatly speeds up the development of agriculture.

Type one: TZY-90 rice harvesting machine

The working video

It is a new design rice harvesting machine, and a special design rice lifter can support the rice to make it neat after harvesting. In addition, the conveyor belt and star wheel can place the crop to the side of the machine, which avoids the rice spreading everywhere. With high capacity(0.32-0.41 acre/H) and lightweight, it is very suitable for individual use, so this one is a hot sale product in recent years.

Rice harvester 7
Test Site

The detailed introduction of each part

  1. It is the cutter of rice harvester and composed with 12 blades. These blades are very sharp, can harvest rice at high speed. If you want to improve the working efficiency, we can customize it for you by increasing the number of blades.
Rice harvester 3
Rice harvester 9
  1. This rice harvesting machine has three gears, that is, neutral gear, working gear, and starting gear. You can control the machine by adjusting them.
Rice harvester 8
  1. It is rice liter. When working, it firstly lifts the rice including the rice that has fallen on the ground, and then the blades begin to cut them. Without this lifter, maybe the part of rice can not be harvested, decreasing the working efficiency.
Rice harvester 9
Rice Lifter

It is speed regulation handle. It can change the speed of rice harvester when working.

Rice harvester 11

The driving chain. You shall add lubrication oil to it regularly.

Rice harvester 17

The wheel of the machine. It enables the rice harvesting machine to go smoothly in the paddy field.

Rice harvester 18

What’s the feature of it?

  1. This rice harvesting machine has lightweight compared with other harvesters, so it is very easy to move in any field.
  2. The whole operation just needs one person.
  3. Except for harvesting rice, it is also suitable for cutting wheat, soybeans, rape flower, millet, etc.
  4. You can control the working speed during operation.
  5. The harvested rice can lay neatly on the field due to the function of rice holder.

The customer bought 16 sets rice harvesting machine

Saudi Arabia customer has bought 16 sets rice harvester in March 2019, and he sold all the machines to the farmers quickly after receiving the machine. He sent us the feedback after using it for a period of time, saying that all the machines go smoothly and the local farmers are very happy to use it.

Rice harvester 15
Customer Photo

Technical parameter 

Capacity0.32-0.41 acre/H
PowerGasoline engine
Cutting Height50-100mm
Cutting Width900mm
Size(L*W*H)1 800* 1000*1100mm
20GP55 sets

Type two:   Combined rice harvesting machine

It is a combined rice harvesting and threshing machine. As its name shown, it not only can harvest rice, but thresh them at the same time. The cutting width is fixed,but the cutting height is adjustable. Most important, it has a comfortable seat for an operator like a car, greatly saving energy. Matching with 12.5HP diesel engine, it is very convenient to operate even in the remote fields. What’s more, this rice reaper machine is equipped with a crawler belt that makes it easy to move even in the muddy fields.

Rice harvester 12
Rice harvester 13
Whole Machine
Rice harvester 24
Four Gears

Technical parameter

type:Ride type (people can sit)
engine:12.5Hp diesel engine
breakage rate:<5%
trash content:<7%

Type three: Self-propelled rice reaper machine

The type two and type three is similar, and the difference between them is that the latter needs to be pushed forward by people when working.

Rice harvester 2
Rice Harvester
Rice harvester 1
Rice Harvester

Technical parameter

Starting modeElectric starting
CoolingAir cooling
Weight450 kg
Dimensions2700*1420*1350 mm
Engine Model188 F
Diesel engineSingle cylinder,horizontal,evaporative water,direct injection
Rated power13.5 Hp
Rated engine speed3600 r/min
Fuel consumption20 kg/hm2
Theoretical working speed2.56 (second gear)
Productivity400-1000m2 /h
Breakage rate1.5%
Loss rateRice2%
Rated cutting width1200 mm
Min ground clearance180 mm
CaterpillarLength 800 *Width 250 mm
Tire size5.00-12

Operation video (for type two and type three)

The precautions of rice harvesting machine (for type two and type three)

1. Add lubricating oil before starting. After starting the engine, let the small throttle combine with the clutch, then slightly increase the throttle to power the working parts. Meanwhile, pay attention to the running condition of each part.

2. When harvesting, the throttle is placed in a small position and align with the harvesting path. Lower the cutter and release the shift lever, then the engine is refueled to the large throttle. The shift lever is placed to the first or second gear, after harvesting one line, head towards the next line.

3. When the rice harvesting machine is walking in a straight line, it is necessary to increase the force to manually turn the handle if you need to change the direction.

4. Before the reaper machine stops, the rice cutting and threshing parts must be rotated for about 1 minute so as that the internal weeds and grains are discharged cleanly. Then pull off the clutch.

Rice harvester 14
Cutting Part

How to maintain reaper machine?

1. Check that whether the parts are strong or deformed,especially the cutter parts, and the moving and fixed blade clearance should meet the requirements. In addition, check the tightness of the V-belt and driving chain.

2. Check the oil level of the gearbox and engine, and add lubrication to each lubrication point.

3. After harvesting, remove the mud and entanglement of the rice harvesting machine, especially the diesel engine.

4. Clean the air filter every day.

Advantage of rice reaper (for type two and type three)

  1. It is the combination of rice harvester and rice thresher, and it saves the cost for farmers.
  2. The cutting height is adjustable, and you can adjust it according to your paddy field.
  3. High threshing rate and cleaning rate. The rice kernels are very clean.
  4. Both boast wide application. They are suitable for various paddy fields including hill, plain and muddy farmland etc.
Rice harvester 21
Paddy Harvesting Machine

FAQ of rice harvesting machine

1.Which one should I buy if my budget is low?

Type one is cheaper than the others.

2. What is the difference of these three rice harvester?

Type one just can harvest rice, but type two and type three is able to thresh rice when harvesting.

3. Can I adjust the cutting height?

Yes, it is adjustable.

4. Are they just can harvest rice?

They also can harvest other crops such as wheat, millet, rape flower etc.