Rice thresher / how to thresh rice

Rice thresher is to remove the outer shell of rice, during the operation, the threshing roller inside machine constantly beat the rice, meanwhile, the draught fan blows out the rice stalk. Finally, the rice and stalk are fully separated, and then discharged from different outlets. With high threshing rate and cleaning rate, this rice thresher is very popular among many countries, especially South Africa. Today I will introduce you four types of rice thresher, and they are different not only in structure but in capacities.

Type one: SL-50 small size rice thresher

SL-50 is the smallest rice thresher, and its weight just is 50kg, so it is very convenient to move during operation. If you are a small farmer, this type is your best choice. Matching with 3kw motor, gasoline engine or 8HP diesel engine, it is conducive to the regions where the electricity is not enough. Except for threshing rice, it also can work for sorghum, millet, beans, etc. I strongly recommend you to buy this one if you plant any crops, for it won’t cost u much money but can finish much work.

Rice thresher 3
wheat threshing test

Operation video

1500 sets rice threshers are sent to Nigeria

1500 sets? Yes, it is true. We delivered there machines to Nigeria at the beginning of 2019. This customer works for the government, and he placed order from us without hesitation when he has any demand. Thanks to strong production capacity, we completed all the machines within 3 months.

Technical parameter

Power3kw motor, gasoline engine or 8HP diesel engine

Type two: SL-125 big size rice thresher

SL-125 rice thresher is the biggest one, so its capacity is high as well, that is, 800-1000kg/h. You can choose this one if you have a big paddy field. Its structure and function is same as the first one, and it is also has three different engines. This rice thresher consists of feeding hopper, roller, screen, wheels, draught fan, etc, and its cleaning rate is pretty high.

Rice thresher 4

Technical parameter

Power3kw motor,gasoline engine or 12Hp diesel engine
Size 1340*2030*1380mm

Feedback video of big size thresher

His name is Bob and comes form Sudan, and he bought one set big size rice thresher from us in 2018. To enable the quality of machine, he visited our factory to test it. He felt very satisfied after testing it and promised that he would order more and more machines in the future.

Wide application

Rice thresher 5
Different Raw Materials

Type three: TZ-50 rice thresher

It is a new design rice thresher with cyclone and mainly composed of two wheels, an adjustable frame, a feeding hopper, an impurities outlet, a straw outlet, and a kernel outlet, etc. What the most proficient feature of it is that it has a cyclone connecting the outlet, such a design can effectively discharge the rice kernels. What’s more, two handles make it easy to move.

Rice thresher 6
Small Size Machine

Technical parameter

Power3kw motor
8hp diesel engine
170F gasoline engine

Operation video

Successful case

As the above chart shown, its capacity is 400-500kg/h with the capacity 85kg. What’s more , this rice thresher can match with different engines, so it is very suitable for home use. In April, we sold 79 sets to the customer from Peru. Until now, he has received machine for 7 months, and he tells us that the farmers in Peru like our machines very much since it performs well and the final kernels is pretty clean.

Rice thresher 2

Type four:  DT-60 rice thresher

This rice thresher has a big inlet that can make you place more rice into the machine one time, improving working efficiency. Its structure is simple including a feeding hopper, drum, screen, shelf and threshing rollers, etc. People mainly use it to thresh rice, wheat, barley, sorghum, millet, beans, and rapeseed, which can be achieved by changing the size of the screen. Most important, this rice threshing machine combines with threshing, stalk crushing, separating together, thus, there are almost no other impurities in the wheat kernels.

Rice thresher 1 1

Operation video

Technical parameter

 Power>3kw motor
170F gasoline engine
8HP diesel engine
Fan speed2450r/min
Machine size1490*1270*1480mm
Packing size1280*960*1010mm(1.24CBM)
National implementation of standardsDG/T 016-2006
 JB/T 9778-2008

Advantage of rice thresher

We have invested much time and energy to design these threshers, and they boast same advantages even though there are some differences.

  1. High threshing rate. All threshing machine has high threshing rate that can reach 98%.
  2. Wide application. They all not only can thresh rice but thresh other crops such as millet, beans, sorghum and wheat.
  3. The impurities including stalk and stones can be screened, so the final wheat kernels are very clean.
  4. Being equipped with a powerful blower, all rice thresher can fully separate rice stalk and rice kernels.
  5. All machines are easy to operate and maintain.
Threshed Rice

How to operate rice thresher?

All rice threshing machines have the working principle in common.

  1. The operator puts the rice into machine.
  2. When the rice enters the threshing chamber, two rollers constantly beat them to separate the rice kernels and stalk.
  3. After several seconds, the rice is discharged from outlet, and stalk and other impurities are blown out from another outlet.


  • What is the capacity of your rice thresher?

The capacity ranges from 400kg/h-1000kg/h.

  • How can I choose a proper rice thresher?

If you are small farmer, you can choose SL-50 or TZ-50. But if you need a higher capacity machine, it is better to choose SL-125 or DT-60.

  • What’s the difference of four types of rice thresher?

Their structures are different in some ways, but the threshing effect is same.

  • Can I buy the extra screen for different purposes?

Yes, of course.

  • What’s the threshing rate?

Threshing rate is around 98%

  • What is the loss rate?

It is around 2%