New technology! Intelligent rice hulling machine

With the emergence of a term “new retail”, it combines offline shopping and online sales with all-round and multi-channel ways. It has become a hot topic as soon as it emerges. Intelligent rice hulling machine is fit for social and economic development as well as the needs of modern people. 

The intelligent rice hulling machine allows you to eat fresh rice every day, and it is safe and reliable without ant additives. The rice processed by it tastes soft and refreshing, containing many nutritious. In addition, such rice is suitable for all ages, so is very popular with people.

What are the advantages of smart rice mills?

Intelligent rice hulling equipment often can be found in the high-end community with 24 hours of automatic sale! It can store rice at low temperature, and reserve the the rice germ. Intelligent inventory warning system and multimedia remote management system improve user experience in real time, guaranteeing the freshness of rice.

What’s more, smart rice mills can also play advertisements through video when unmanned. This is an embodiment of the reasonable use of  resources in the “new retail” environment.

It is the vitality of the intelligent rice mill machine in today’s environment that has attract more and more people to participate in, improving the way they eat rice and promoting their physical fitness. Beyond all question, it is the social value generated by the intelligent rice mill that makes it so glamorous!

Rice 4
Rice Processed By Rice Hulling Machine

How is the rice processed by the intelligent rice mill machine different from other rice?

A lot of people may have seen the intelligent rice hulling machine, but they don’t know much about the nutritional value of the rice processed by it.

The final rice contains brown rice and germ rice, which have high nutritional value. Brown rice retains some outer skin that can block the air so as that the rice can be preserved for a longer time, effectively  preventing the loss of nutrient. More importantly, such rice avoids oxidation reactions.

Fresh germ rice can purify the internal physiological environment of the human body and stabilize the human ecological balance, conforming to a healthy lifestyle and scientific diet concept.

Long-term consumption of germ rice can prevent diseases.

 It is generally good to leave rice no more than one month after milling, which enables it to bear soft taste and a good fragrance.