How to classify rice?

Rice is the staple food in most parts of our country, even though the rice miller can enable you to get good quality rice, i think you should bear the following knowledge. According to the quality of rice, it is classified into indica rice, japonica rice, glutinous rice and others including brown rice, preserved rice and black rice. Generally speaking, The grade classification of rice is determined based on the color, smell, broken rice, impurities, imperfect rice, yellow rice chalky rice, taste and intermixing conditions.

The following provisions are made by national standards for quality inspection of rice


The processing accuracy is the degree of rice germ residue on the surface of rice after processing. The State Grain Administration issued a notice to update the standard samples of rice processing accuracy every year.

Color and smell

The color and smell of rice refers to the comprehensive color, gloss and smell of the whole batch of rice. To judge the color and smell of rice, you can take a certain amount of sample and flatten it on the palm of your hand, and observe the overall color and gloss of the rice sample under scattered light. On the other hand, take a small amount of rice, put it into a closed vessel, and keep the sealed container with rice sample in warm water at 60 ° C to 70 ° C for several minutes. Finally, open the cover to smell it.

Broken rice

How to detect whether it is broken rice? It can be measured by screening and weighing with 2.0mm and 1.0mm round hole sieve. The rice remaining on the 1.0mm round hole sieve is called incomplete rice grain, but it must also be combined with the characteristics of the sample itself.

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Impurities are substances other than rice, such as bran flour, minerals or rice husk. The bran powder refers to the husk that passes through a circular hole sieve with a diameter of 1.0 mm, and the powdery substance adhering to the sieve. However, the rice processed by Taizy rice hulling machine bears higher cleaning rate, and there are little impurities.

Imperfect rice

Incomplete rice includes immature rice, worm-eaten rice, diseased rice, moldy rice, and brown rice . Although these rices are defective, they still have food value.

In conclusion, you shall pay attention to the quality of rice when purchasing, beyond all question, a good combined rice miller can help you to solve many problems

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