How to distinguish fresh rice and old rice?

There are many different kinds of rice in the market, but how to distinguish fresh rice and old rice? Are all the rice good though rice hulling machine? I will introduce you some methods as references.

Wrap the rice with a paper, put it in the palm of your hand, then clenched your fist, and squeeze it for ten seconds.

Rice 3

Unfold the paper, there will be countless rice dent marks on the paper. If it can be seen by eyes, or there is pale yellow or colorless oil stain on the imprint, it means that the rice is inferior and stale.

On the other hand, if you can’t see it with the naked eye, you can put the paper under the ultraviolet light to observe. If a fluorescent reaction occurs under the light, you can tell whether it is processed rice.

However, experts also pointed out that this method has certain limitations, generally, identified by paper are very poor quality rice. The old rice can get a clear effect by polishing and waxing. If the waxing is very uniform, it is difficult to distinguish by paper.

When selecting rice, the clarity and uniformity of rice are important, because the rice needs to be milled by rice hulling machine when harvesting. During the process, the rice has removed the husk and polished to maintain good taste and look, and it is also easy to preserve. However, the small number of rice will inevitably be damaged during processing. Therefore, the use of paper to distinguish the good and bad rice can only be used as a reference.

Of course, you can use the following ways to identify.

Rice Color

The color of the fresh rice is transparent, and its germ color is milky white or light yellow. However, the color of the old rice is dark or brown.

Rice 1 1

Rice hardness

The hardness of rice is determined by the protein content. The stronger the hardness of the rice is, the higher the protein content will be. Generally, fresh rice is harder and has higher protein than old rice.

Crack on the rice

The cracks on the rice are caused by the out-of-balance of the rice inside and outside after the rice has undergone rapid heating during the drying process. This kind of rice is rotten outside and inside, and its nutritional value is reduced, while the fresh rice does not have many cracks.

Rice 1


Take a small amount of rice, rub it with your hands, and then smell it. Fresh rice has a very light and natural fragrance, and it smells good and is not pungent. The rice that has been stored for more than one year has only rice husk flavor and no clear fragrance.

Rice 2

Under normal circumstances, you can use your teeth to bite to feel the hardness of the rice. In addition, cooked fresh rice has higher water content, a looser mouth, and a fragrant fragrance. Cooked old rice has lower water content and is harder to eat. 

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