2500 sets rice hulling machines were delivered to Nigeria

Last week, 2500 sets of rice hulling machine were packed well, we would deliver them to Nigeria. You may figure out that who can order so many machines, and this customer comes from Nigeria where most people live for agriculture.

It is the overview of all the machines.

Rice milling machine 2 1
Rice Milling Machine

Each machine is packed separately with carton packing.

Rice milling machine 5 2
Carton Package

Our workers were loading the machines to the container.

Rice milling machine 1 3
Machine Display

All was completed.

Rice milling machine 6 1
Rice milling machine 4 2
Everything Is Ready

Frankly, 2500 is a large number, and we must spend a long time to produce all the machines. However, in order that the customer is able to receive the machines as soon as possible, our spare no efforts to work for this project and all is finished within 3 months.

Why this customer always choose Taizy rice processing machine?

It is a tender for this agricultural project. Thus, he is pretty serious about it, and all the rice hulling machines must be equipped with stable performance and long service life. Having cooperated with Taizy rice processing machine for several times, he trusted us very well. In addition, he is very satisfied with our after-sale service, since we installed machine in Nigeria and trained his workers before, that’s why he directly told us his needs without finding other suppliers.

What is the proficient feature of this type of rice hulling machine?

First, it is a small size rice hulling machine with cheap price, and suitable for individual farmers. Furthermore, it is easy to use and maintain, and you do not spend much time to learn.

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Second, it is multifunctional. It not only can mill crude rice but crush all kinds of crops such as corn, wheat, millet, sorghum etc. Of course, crushed rice husk can be used to feed animals, so it is economical to buy such a machine.

Third, the milling rate and cleaning rate are high, and it can fully meet your demands.

Rice milling machine 7 2

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