120T/D integrated rice hulling plant

The integrated rice hulling plant is to process high output rice, and its capacity is 120T per day. Thank to high capacity and stable performance, it is widely applied to big size or middle-size rice processing enterprises.

Rice miller 2
Complete Rice Milling Plant
Rice milling equipment factory
Complete Rice Hulling Plant
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Complete Rice Milling Plant Factory Site

The structure of integrated rice hulling plant

120T/D rice milling plant is mainly composed of elevator(Height: 6.2m),drum screening machine with supports,vibrating cleaner,rice destoner,blower,air lock,glass cyclone,dust collecting piping and accessories,husker,paddy separator, low speed elevator(1413*6000mm),emery roller whitener,Iron sheet cyclone, rice grader,electric control box,rice polisher, color sorter,Screw compressor,cool dryer,Air tank.

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Integrated Rice Milling Machine
Rice milling machine installation
Rice Hulling Machinery

The importance to clean the rice before milling

Some impurities may be mixed during the rice harvesting, transportation, and storage. If these impurities are not removed in advance, it will easily bring great harm to rice processing. If rice is mixed with hemp rope and various straws, it is easy to cause blockage of conveying pipes and feeding hopper during production. Under this circumstance, it will hinder normal production and reduce the milling effect. If hard impurities such as sand, metal, etc. are mixed with rice, it will  damage the surface of the integrated rice hulling plant, and even cause accidents such as dust explosion. On the other hands, paddy contains soil and dust, which may fly around air during operation, polluting the factory environment and endangering the human health. Therefore, if the impurities in the rice are not cleaned, it will reduce the the purity of the white rice, and affect the rice quality.

Rice milling machinery site
Complete Rice Milling Plant
Paddy milling machine
Rice Huller

The installation video of different countries

How to evaluate the 120T/D rice milling effect?

1.Taizy integrated rice hulling plant is able to process high quality what rice, but how to evaluate the quality of rice? Now i will list some standards for you as reference.

2. The reducing rate. When brown rice is milled, its volume and weight will decrease due to the shedding of the skin layer and the embryo, and the reduction percentage is the reducing rate. Because most of the reduction is the cortex, the reduction rate is also called the bran removal rate. The higher the accuracy of rice, the greater the reduction rate, and the general weight reduction is about 5% ~ 12%.

3. The milling rate of brown rice and white rice. It refers to the percentage of white rice to brown rice. This is an important criterion for evaluating the rice milling effect. It should be noted that the higher the processing accuracy, the greater the reduction rate and the lower the rice yield.

Therefore, when assessing the rice milling rate of integrated rice hulling plant, the rice presion is considered as a priority.

4.Broken rice rate and increased crushing rate. Broken rice rate is the percentage of broken rice in the white rice. It is the main indicator of whether the finished rice meets the quality requirements. The broken rice rate is related to both the integrated rice hulling plant and the amount of broken rice in the brown rice.

Rice milling machine factory
Rice Hulling Machinery
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Rice Milling Equipment Factory

The integrated rice hulling plant has sold to many countries

Frankly, the sales of our integrated rice hulling plant have been on the rise in recent years, at the same time, we constantly assign engineers to install machine for customers. The countries we have exported about this rice milling plant is Ecuador, Egypt, Colombia,Estonia, Ghana,France,Iraq, Iran, Nigeria,Kenya,Malaysia, Mexico, Moroco,Pakistan, Russia, Peru, Saudi Arabia, Senegal, Tanzanian, Thailand, Philippines, Turkey, United Arab EMI, Uganda,Uzbekistan, Vet Nam, Yemen etc.

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Rice Hulling Plant In Nigeria
Pady milling machine
Rice Hulling Plant In Uganda
Rice hulling machine
Rice Hulling Plant

What is your advantages compared with other suppliers?

We have been manufacturing big size combined rice hulling equipment for more than 10 years. After many years of scientific research and production practice, Taizy company has accumulated rich professional technical knowledge and practical experience, bearing strong technical force. In addition, we have passed various international quality management system certifications. In 2004, we was named as high-tech enterprise with modernization scientific management, until now, we has formed a computerized management system, achieving automation information and scientific production. And we will try our best to make our customers satisfied!

Packed rice
Packed Rice

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