15TPD automatic rice mill plant

Feel free to explore our 15TPD automatic rice mill plant. This machinery is specially designed to cater to the efficient, secure, and sustainable processing needs of rice, showcasing the latest advancements in rice processing technology.

Our equipment makes use of state-of-the-art automation technology, encompassing every stage from purification, husk removal, milling, to grading, all seamlessly integrated within a comprehensive system. This not only boosts production efficiency but also ensures the quality and flavor of the rice. Additionally, we give high regard to eco-friendliness, with the entire equipment process taking into account the need for energy conservation and minimizing waste emissions.

This 15TPD automatic rice mill plant stands as an up-to-date, effective, and eco-conscious choice, offering a comprehensive solution for your rice processing venture.

15tpd automatic rice mill plant for rice processing
15Tpd Automatic Rice Mill Plant For Rice Processing

Technical parameters of the 15TPD automatic rice mill plant

Total powerCapacityWhite rice output yieldInstallation size

Working process of the 15TPD automatic rice mill plant

The paddy is carried by a single-chain elevator for initial processing involving cleaning, de-stoning, and the removal of debris and stones. Subsequently, it is transferred by a double-chain elevator to the husking machine for the dehusking process. The fan expels the bran, while the combination of bran and husk is directed by the double-chain elevator to the gravity sieve for separation.

Paddy that remains unhusked following the gravity sieve is directed back through the duct to the husking machine, while the brown rice progresses to the rice mill. Post-whitening by the rice mill, the rice undergoes bran suction, moves through a separately matched broken rice sieve, and the final product is collected and packaged after the removal of broken rice. The pulverizer mixes and crushes the fine bran and bran, with the composite bran subsequently collected and packaged.

Best selling 15tpd automatic rice mill plant
Best Selling 15Tpd Automatic Rice Mill Plant

Main components of the 15TPD automatic rice mill plant

Structure of 15tpd automatic rice mill plant
Structure Of 15Tpd Automatic Rice Mill Plant

Our 15TPD fully automatic rice mill plant comprises a Paddy Rice Destoner, Paddy Rice Husker, Gravity Paddy Separator, Rice Mill, Magnetic Separator, Water Mist Polisher, White Rice Grader, Color Sorter, Storage Bin, and Weighing and Packing Machine.

The Magnetic Separator effectively eliminates magnetic impurities from the rice, ensuring the purity of the final product. The Water Mist Polisher utilizes water mist and friction to create a smooth surface on the brown rice, enhancing its appearance and texture. The Storage Bin is designed for the secure storage and management of raw materials, ensuring a stable supply throughout the production process.

This comprehensive machine composition is designed for an integrated rice milling process to deliver an efficient and high-quality final rice product.

15tpd automatic rice mill plant for sale
15Tpd Automatic Rice Mill Plant For Sale

What’s the difference between rice mill and water polisher?

1. Outer Structure:

Rice mills and water polishers have a similar appearance, but there are some key differences. Water polishers have a water hose, water pump, and barrel, while rice mills do not. These additional components allow water polishers to spray water onto the rice as it is being polished.

2. Inner Structure:

Rice mills can use either iron rollers or emery rollers, while water polishers can only use iron rollers. Emery rollers are more abrasive than iron rollers, so they are used to remove the outer husk of the rice grain. Iron rollers are used to polish the rice grain and give it a smooth, shiny surface.

3. Function:

Rice mills are primarily used to remove the bran from rice. Bran is the outer layer of the rice grain that is rich in fiber. Water polishers are used to polish white rice with a light spray of water. This makes the rice smoother and whiter.

What is the price of the 15TPD automatic rice mill plant?

The price of a 15TPD automatic rice mill plant may vary depending on the configuration of the rice milling unit. Therefore, we could offer you customized machine configuration options based on different types of rice and customer requirements.

Our rice milling units are available in a variety of configurations including different cleaning equipment, de-dusting equipment, milling equipment and more. Each configuration has its own advantages and scope of application, so we will recommend the most suitable machine configuration for your specific needs.

In addition, we can also increase or decrease the number of additional machines on the basis of the standard configuration according to your actual needs, so as to meet your individual production requirements. We will tailor-make the most suitable machine configuration for you according to your production scale, raw material type, output requirements and other factors.

In order to ensure that you get the best quality service and the most reasonable price, we will recommend the most suitable machine configuration plan for you according to your actual needs and budget. If you have any questions or need to know more about our products and services, please feel free to contact us.

Commercial 15tpd automatic rice mill plant
Commercial 15Tpd Automatic Rice Mill Plant

Why choose us?

As a supplier of the 15TPD automatic rice mill plant, we take pride in delivering exceptional services. Our commitment goes beyond providing advanced and efficient machinery; we prioritize offering comprehensive support throughout the entire process. From installation and commissioning to after-sales service, our dedicated team ensures thoughtful and reliable assistance.

Our well-designed units are not only economical but also adaptable to meet diverse customer needs. We emphasize close collaboration with our clients, actively seeking feedback to continuously enhance our products and services, ensuring you receive the optimal solution for rice milling. Choosing us means not only acquiring top-notch equipment but also experiencing first-rate service. We look forward to contributing to the success of your business.