25-ton automatic rice milling unit

In the wave of modern agricultural production, we proudly introduce the 25-ton Automatic Rice Milling Unit, a technological innovation that stands ahead of its time. This innovative rice processing solution not only embodies the concept of efficient production and intelligent processes but also demonstrates our commitment to the upgrading of the agricultural industry.

From destoning to final grading, each step is meticulously designed to ensure high-yield, high-quality, and efficient rice production. It’s not just a set of equipment but a transformative shift towards injecting digital intelligence into agriculture, leading the future of rice production.

Commercial 25-ton automatic rice milling unit
Commercial 25-Ton Automatic Rice Milling Unit

25-ton automatic rice milling unit with platform

Our innovative 25-ton Automatic Rice Milling Unit with platform goes beyond conventional designs, featuring both a bottom and top steel framework. This strategic design serves dual purposes, enhancing functionality and ease of maintenance.

25-ton automatic rice milling unit with platform
25-Ton Automatic Rice Milling Unit With Platform

Key Features:

  1. Bottom Platform for Seamless Integration:
    • The bottom platform is strategically incorporated to ensure all machines operate seamlessly on the same level. This not only facilitates a harmonious workflow but also promotes efficient connectivity among the various components. The unified level ensures optimal performance, contributing to the unit’s overall effectiveness.
  2. Top Platform for Inspection and Maintenance:
    • Positioned at the top, the platform serves as a dedicated space for inspection and maintenance of the elevators. This thoughtful addition simplifies the process of routine checks and repairs, allowing for quick and convenient access to the elevators without disrupting the overall operation of the unit.


  • Enhanced Connectivity: The bottom platform ensures a uniform level for all machines, fostering a smooth operational flow and promoting collaborative functioning.
  • Efficient Maintenance: The top platform provides a convenient space for elevator inspection and maintenance, reducing downtime and enhancing the overall longevity of the unit.
Details of 25-ton automatic rice milling unit
Details Of 25-Ton Automatic Rice Milling Unit

Incorporating these design elements, our 25-ton Automatic Rice Milling Unit with platform redefines efficiency and maintenance accessibility, making it a standout choice for streamlined rice processing operations.

Different types of 25-ton automatic rice milling units with platform

Our 25-ton automatic rice milling unit is designed with versatility in mind, offering three distinct configurations to cater to the specific needs of different customers. Each configuration reflects our commitment to providing efficient, high-quality, and customizable rice production solutions, ensuring that your production line aligns seamlessly with your production goals.

Type 1

25-ton automatic rice milling unit
25-Ton Automatic Rice Milling Unit

Our 25-ton automatic rice milling unit is a comprehensive solution for rice production, encompassing key processes such as rice destoner, paddy rice husker, gravity paddy separator, rice milling machine, second-stage rice miller, color sorting, rice polisher, white rice grading machine, and packaging machine.

Each component in this configuration has been meticulously designed to ensure seamless integration, delivering a production line that is efficient, high-quality, and high-yielding. What sets this configuration apart is its intelligent design and adaptability, allowing users to tailor their selection based on specific needs, achieving optimal production efficiency.

Type 2

25-ton automatic rice milling unit for sale
25-Ton Automatic Rice Milling Unit For Sale

Building upon the configuration mentioned above, this particular variant of the 25-ton automatic rice milling unit replaces the polishing machine with a water polishing machine and introduces a storage bin before the packaging machine.

This modification aims to enhance the appearance and texture of the rice while optimizing the production process by incorporating an additional storage bin. Retaining the intelligent design and efficiency of the original configuration, this variant offers users more choices to meet specific processing requirements.

Type 3

Automatic 25-ton automatic rice milling unit
Automatic 25-Ton Automatic Rice Milling Unit

Building upon the foundation of Type 2, this upgraded configuration introduces an additional milling machine, bringing the total to three, and incorporates an advanced vacuum packaging machine for enhanced freshness and preservation. The addition of the extra milling machine aims to further boost processing speed and capacity, ensuring the production line is capable of meeting the growing demands of the market.

The introduction of the vacuum packaging machine is designed to safeguard the freshness and quality of the rice, extending its shelf life. This upgraded configuration reflects our commitment to technological innovation and continuous pursuit of production efficiency, providing users with more options to adapt to diverse production scenarios.

Why choose to buy our 25-ton automatic rice milling unit?

As suppliers of the 25-ton automatic rice milling unit, we stand out with a robust inventory and efficient logistics, ensuring prompt deliveries to meet your demands. Our global logistics network guarantees swift and secure product arrivals at your doorstep. With a dedicated professional team, we provide comprehensive support, including pre-sales consultations, after-sales services, and technical assistance throughout the purchasing process.

Quality assurance is our commitment, as each unit undergoes rigorous quality control measures. Additionally, we offer customizable solutions to cater to diverse production needs. Choosing us means opting for high-quality, efficient solutions and a reliable partner for your production success.