30-ton commercial rice milling machine plant

The 30-ton commercial rice milling machine plant is meticulously designed to meet the demands of efficient rice processing in the commercial sector. Combining advanced technology with reliable manufacturing, this rice milling unit delivers exceptional performance and reliability, catering to large-scale rice processing industries.

Featuring advanced milling technology, the 30-ton commercial rice milling machine ensures precise and efficient processing from paddy to finished rice. With high capacity and automation, it stands as an ideal choice for large-scale commercial rice mills, significantly enhancing milling efficiency and reducing production costs.

30-ton commercial rice milling machine plant for business
30-Ton Commercial Rice Milling Machine Plant For Business

Main machines of 30-ton commercial rice milling machine plant

Our pride, the 30-ton commercial rice milling machinery, is a high-performance rice processing production line that has been upgraded and enlarged from the 25-ton automatic rice milling unit. By increasing the size of each key machine, we have further enhanced the equipment’s capacity and applicability.

Key Machine Components

  • Paddy Rice Destoner: As the initial step in the processing flow, the stone removal machine is more robust, efficiently clearing various impurities from the raw rice to ensure a cleaner raw material for subsequent processing.
  • Paddy Rice Husker: Building upon the 25-ton model, we have increased the size of the hulling machine, enabling it to rapidly and effectively remove husks, providing an ideal clean grain for the milling stage.
  • Gravity Separator: By finely classifying materials with different densities and sizes, the gravity separator ensures the purity and quality of the rice output.
  • Rice Mill: The equipment has been upgraded to include two rice mills, providing a higher processing capacity for efficient and uniform milling, resulting in high-quality brown rice.
  • White Rice Grader: With increased capacity and size, the white rice grader can quickly and accurately classify, producing high-quality white rice.

Our 30-ton commercial rice milling machinery maintains high production efficiency while prioritizing product quality and standards. Each machine is meticulously designed to ensure smooth operation throughout the processing, delivering exceptional-quality rice products. It is a reliable choice for large-scale commercial production and processing plant operations.

30-ton commercial rice milling machine plant for sale
30-Ton Commercial Rice Milling Machine Plant For Sale

Installation of the 30-ton commercial rice milling machine plant

The successful installation of a rice milling machine plant is crucial for ensuring its optimal performance and longevity. Below is a comprehensive guide to assist in the step-by-step installation process.

Site Preparation

  • Select a suitable location and excavate the ground for the foundation pit.

Frame Placement

  • Set up the machine frame and ensure it is securely fixed in a stable position.

Component Assembly

  • Refer to the structural and plan diagrams for proper assembly of all components.
  • Ensure each part is installed securely according to the provided instructions.
Rice miller machine
Rice Miller Machine

Pipeline Installation

  • Connect all pipes in the system, ensuring smooth material flow between machines.

Motor Installation

  • Install all motors, V-belts, and other components. For instance, the 15KW motor drives both the rice mill and the suction-type pulverizer.

Electrical Connection

  • Connect the power supply and conduct a no-load trial run. Follow standard wiring methods, with the exception of the 15KW motor, which should employ star-delta starting.

Full Machine Debugging (Using Rice)

  • Once all components are in place, conduct a thorough debugging process using actual rice.
  • Fine-tune the machine to ensure optimal performance.

Proper installation is the foundation for the reliable operation of the 30-ton commercial rice milling machine plant. Following these steps meticulously will contribute to a smooth and efficient milling process, ensuring the production of high-quality rice.

30-ton commercial rice milling machine plant with good price
30-Ton Commercial Rice Milling Machine Plant With Good Price

Maintenance of the 30-ton commercial rice milling machine plant

Ensuring the continuous high efficiency and longevity of the 30-ton commercial rice milling machine plant requires regular maintenance. Here are essential considerations for machine upkeep.

Bearing Maintenance

  • After every 1000 hours of operation, disassemble the bearings for cleaning and replace the lubricating grease.
  • Ensure proper lubrication of the bearings to minimize wear and friction.

Timely Repair and Replacement of Parts

  • Immediately repair or replace damaged or worn parts.
  • Repaired rotors should undergo dynamic balancing verification to ensure stable operation.

Handling Extended Downtime

  • If the machine will be idle for an extended period, clean the interior to remove dust and prevent rusting and screen clogging.
  • Regularly check the status of the machine during extended downtime to ensure proper startup after prolonged inactivity.
30-ton commercial rice milling machine plant
30-Ton Commercial Rice Milling Machine Plant

Implementing these maintenance measures contributes to the stability and performance of the 30-ton commercial rice milling machine plant, ensuring it continues to operate optimally in production. Regular maintenance reduces the occurrence of faults, enhances equipment reliability, and provides a durable and efficient solution for rice processing.


Rice milling machine units with a good price
Rice Milling Machine Units With A Good Price

Our commercial rice milling machine plant stands out for its efficiency, durability, and ability to significantly boost your production capacity and product quality. Whether you are new to the rice milling industry or looking to upgrade your existing equipment, our solutions are designed to meet your needs. With the latest technology and precise engineering, our machines ensure optimal rice output with minimal energy consumption.

To learn more about our products and how they can benefit your business, please contact our sales team. We are ready to provide you with detailed product information and customized quotes to keep you ahead in the competitive market. Reach out to us now and step into the future of efficient rice milling!