30TPD rice milling machine plant shipped to Vietnam

We had the privilege to collaborate with an agricultural entrepreneur from Vietnam who owns extensive farmland and aimed to enhance production efficiency by upgrading existing rice processing equipment.

After thorough requirement analysis and technical discussions, we offered a tailored 30TPD rice milling machine solution to meet his production needs and improve processing efficiency.

Exported 30-ton commercial rice milling machine plant
Exported 30-Ton Commercial Rice Milling Machine Plant

Customer Requirements

The client’s requirements primarily focused on increasing production capacity, reducing energy consumption, and improving product quality. He sought new rice milling machinery that could process rice more efficiently and adapt to the local agricultural environment.

Customized Solution

Our engineering team thoroughly understood the client’s needs and designed a solution based on the core modules of the 30TPD rice milling machine, tailored to his specific circumstances.

The solution included units such as destoner, paddy rice husker, rice mill, and white rice grader, with a strong emphasis on high automation and intelligence to simplify operation.

30-ton commercial rice milling machine plant
30-Ton Commercial Rice Milling Machine Plant

On-Site Installation and Commissioning

We dispatched a professional technical team to the client’s production site in Vietnam for equipment installation and commissioning. During this period, we provided comprehensive training for the client’s operators, ensuring their proficiency in using the new equipment and performing basic maintenance tasks.

Actual Results

After the new 30TPD rice milling machine equipment was put into operation, the client quickly experienced an increase in production efficiency. The equipment proved to be stable and reliable, enabling effective control of product quality while reducing energy consumption.

The client expressed high satisfaction with the professional services and high-performance equipment we provided.

30-ton commercial rice milling machine plant with good price
30-Ton Commercial Rice Milling Machine Plant With Good Price

Long-Term Partnership

This collaboration marks the beginning of a long-term partnership, extending beyond a single project. We will continue to offer technical support, equipment upgrades, and other services to drive the development of the local agricultural industry.

This client case demonstrates our company’s expertise in the field of agricultural machinery and our profound understanding of customer needs.