Combined rice miller / rice hulling machine

Combined rice miller is to firstly remove the impurities such as stone, and then mill rice with high efficiency. This combined rice hulling machine is mainly composed of rice destoner, lifter, cyclone and milling part, of which rice destoner can effectively improve the cleaning rate. In addition, it can run steadily with low noise.

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Rice Milling Machine

The operation video

What is the disadvantage of brown rice?

After removing the outer shell of the rice, it is called “brown rice”, at this time, the machine used to peel the shell is called “hulling machine. The brown rice is light brown and rough, if you use it to cook, the cooking time is long, and the color is dark with poor viscosity and bad taste. Because of the intact skin layer of brown rice, water absorption and swelling are not strong, resulting in quality degradation, which is not conducive to the normal digestion of the human body. Thus, it is necessary to mill rice by a rice milling machine.

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Paddy Hulling Machine

Technical parameter

The diameter of shelling roller72mm
The power of shelling roller5.5kw
The power of milling roller2.2*2 kw  380v
Capacity 500-700kg/h
The screen size of rice destoner part760*400mm
The power of rice destoner0.75ke
Overall size 2600x1800x3100mm

What is the advantage of this combined rice miller compared with others?

  1. This combined rice miller is equipped with rice destoner lifter and cyclone, which improves the working efficiency.
  2. The cyclone installed at the end of machine can collect the rice husk.
  3. High cleaning rate. It is more than 96%, and the long screen connected to the outlet is able to separate broken rice and other impurities. What’s more, the rice processed by rice destoner won’t contain any stones.
  4. Taizy rice hulling machine boasts stable performance and long service.
Paddy milling machine
Rice Milling Machine

The working flow of combined rice miller

  1. Place the brown rice into combined rice miller, the rice firstly enters the stone removing machine.
  2. Due to the difference in weight, the stone can be separated from rice, and then discharged from the outlet.
  3. Then the clean rice goes to the milling part. Under the function of milling rollers, the rice is constantly milled.
  4. Finally, the milled rice will be discharged from the outlet.

Successful case of combined rice miller

We sold 5 sets combined rice hulling machine to South Africa this month, and this customer has big rice processing factory. With the quick development of his plant, he needs more and more rice miller to expand business. We sent the operation video and some detailed information about this machine, and the milling effect was what he wanted. He placed order from us at once with hesitation.

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Rice Miller

What should you note during the operation?

1. Check whether the dryness and wetness of the rice meet the requirements,

2. Check the milling effect at any time. If the quality does not meet the requirements, you can adjust the inserting plate or the gap between the rice knife and the grinding center. The method is: if there are more brown rice, first adjust the outlet plug board to reduce the amount of the rice appropriately. However, if the amount of rice is reduced, there still are some brown rice, you must reduce the gap between the rice knife and the grinding center.

3. After using the rice miller cutter for a period of time, if it is not sharp, you can turn the rice milling cutter over.

4. If the rice screen is leaking rice, it should be replaced with a new one.

5. If the hulling rate decreases, the gap between the two rollers should be adjusted.


  • What’s the capacity of this combined rice miller?

Its capacity is 500-700kg/h.

  • What is the stone removing rate of rice destoner?

The stone removing rate is more than 95%.

  • Can I customize the rice hulling machine according to my demand?

Yes, of course, we can customize it for you.

Paddy huller
Combined Rice Milling Machine