Rice color selector / color sorter machine

The rice color selector is based on the rice optical characteristics, and can recognize the subtle color differences of rice. It adopts to photoelectric technology to automatically sort out heterogeneous particles in rice to remove impurities so as to improve rice quality.  Rice color selector can also be used in other products such as peanuts, beans, corn, wheat, or food quality testing and grading, plastics, and ores, etc.

Rice color selector

Technical parameter

DimensioncapacityPrecision of color sortingTotal power
1190*1500*1400mm0.6-1.8t/h ≥99.9%≤2Kw
1250*1550*1750mm0.7-2.0t/h ≥99.9%≤2Kw

The application of color sorter

Photoelectric rice color sorter is a kind of equipment used for quality inspection and classification of bulk materials.

Industrial products: recycled plastic sheet, plastic pellets, ore, glass, metal etc.

Crops: corn, various legumes, various rice, seeds etc.

Food: chilli, pepper, sunflower seeds, raisins, shrimp skin etc.

other raw material: traditional Chinese medicine

The working principle of rice color selector

1. When the rice slowly flows from top to bottom along the rice color selector, the high-speed optical camera lenses on both sides of the chute will automatically collect the color information of the rice.

2. Once the rice is found to be different in color, shape, or size from healthy rice, the camera will instantly capture it and lock it.

3. At this time, the optical signal is converted into an electrical signal, and the high-frequency solenoid valve device immediately turns on the airflow switch after receiving the signal. The ejector will eject high-speed  airflow to quickly remove the impurities mixed in the rice.

Color sorter machine

What is color sorting precision?

Color sorting precision refers to the percentage of the total amount of impurities selected from the raw materials. Usually, it is mainly related to the speed of the conveyor belt and the purity of the raw materials. The slower the speed of the conveyor belt, the longer the time between adjacent impurities. As a result, there is enough time to remove impurities, improving the accuracy of color selection.

Advantage of rice color sorter

1. Compared with manual selection, it saves labor, time, efficiency and processing cost, improving the quality and economic and social benefits of selected products.

2. Rice will be strictly screened by metal detector to remove physical hazards, metal objects and other residues.

3. Rice color sorter can detect ferrous and non-magnetic metals within a short time.

4. High sensitivity and strong anti-interference ability.

5. The grain processing industry can not do without the rice color selector to complete the construction of the entire industrial chain from breed selection, germination, planting, storage, processing to marketing.

Why the color sorting effect is not good?

1. The lamp has been used for a long time, and needs to be replaced.

2. The sensitivity adjustment is too low.

3. The air valve is abnormal

4. The background board is not adjusted well.

5. There is a lot of dust on the glass of the sorting room.

6. There are no lights.

7. Incorrect timing parameter setting.

8. The raw material contains large impurities, and the flow of the vibrator is large.