Rice miller for individual use

Rice miller, is a useful equipment to remove the shell of rice. It is a very small size rice huller with low price and stable performance. Its broken rate is less than 30%, and the milled rice can be used to cook directly, so it is popular among people.

Paddy milling machine
Paddy Milling Machine

Technical parameter of rice miller

Size 675x400x1050mm
Packing size590x660x340mm
Weight 332kg
Power 2.2KW
Rice broken rate≤30%
Rice milling rate≥65%
Capacity ≥120kg/h
The diameter of rice roller40mm

The advantage of rice miller

  1. The gap between the rice roller and screen is adjustable.
  2. Compared with other rice milling machine, our machine has get the special property right towards the regulating button around the inlet of button. However, most suppliers can not produce it
  3. It is very suitable for home use due to the light weight, and you can move it everywhere.
  4. Every farmers is able to afford it because of low price. What’s more, it can be used for a long time.
  5. Its capacity, around 120kg/h, is enough for a family.
Paddy miller
Paddy Miller

The precaution of rice before working

1. Before the rices are processed, they must be cleaned to prevent debris from entering the rice miller to cause damage.

2. Idling for 2 ~ 3 minutes. When you stand in front of the feeding hopper, keep your body away from the pulley and belt to avoid accidents.

3. If there are abnormal noise or the temperature of the bearing suddenly rises, stop the rice hulling machine immediately.

3.Close the inlet while stop the machine so that all rice in the milling chamber can be discharged from the machine.

Why to choose us?

While promoting the popularity of high quality rice, how to eat fresh and nutritious rice has become a problem that people are more concerned about. The advent of small rice miller has changed the traditional way to eat rice. Eating freshly milled rice has become a new trend.

 As a kind of mechanical equipment, Taizy rice miller is used to peel the shell of brown rice effectively, and it has attracted widespread attention since it is produced. In addition, Taizy rice rice milling machine has gradually become more and more widely used.

The rice produced by our machines is fresh, which largely guarantees the nutritional content of the rice, but it cannot be achieved by traditional rice milling machine.

Rice milling machine 7 2
The Milling Effect Of Rice Milling Machine

Successful case of rice hulling machine

2500 sets rice miller are delivered to Nigeria this year. This dealer distributes the rice processing machines to farmers who are relatively poor and do not have much money, so this rice miller with low price is very fit for them. They highly praised the stable performance of our machines, and the final milling effect is perfect as well. This dealer said that his business become better than before since he bought machines from us, and he would ordered more in the future!

Rice milling machine 1 3
Rice Miller Delivery Site


  • What is the milling rate?


  • What is the broken rate?


  • What is the application of it?

Thanks to its light weight and small size, it is very suitable for home use, and we also have higher capacity rice miller.

  • Do you have higher capacity rice hulling machine?

Yes, we will introduce it to you if you need it.

  • What’s the minimum order?

The minimum order is 3 sets.