20-ton rice miller production line exported to Malawi

Recently, our 20-ton rice miller production line successfully found its way to a prominent canned fish company in Malawi, providing robust support for their precision production. Here is the compelling customer case.

Customer Profile

The canned fish company in Malawi stands as a notable player in the local food processing industry, focusing on delivering high-quality canned seafood.

Renowned for its exceptional product quality and extensive product line, the company enjoys a strong reputation in both local and international markets.

20-ton automatic rice milling unit with platform
20-Ton Automatic Rice Milling Unit With Platform


With continuous business expansion, the company faced increasing demand for raw materials, particularly rice. However, they held stringent standards for the quality and processing of rice.

To better meet production needs, the company decided to invest in a high-capacity and reliable 20-ton rice miller production line.


Opting for our 20-ton rice miller production line, the company embraced a fully automated solution capable of meeting their demands for high-quality rice.

The production line is equipped with cutting-edge technology, including an intelligent image capture system, full-color high-speed scanning CCD sensor, density separation method, ensuring precise sorting and processing of paddy rice.

Commercial 20-ton automatic rice milling unit
Commercial 20-Ton Automatic Rice Milling Unit

Advantages and Returns

  1. Enhanced Production Efficiency: The new production line significantly boosted the company’s production efficiency, enabling faster response to market demands.
  2. Quality Assurance: Leveraging the intelligent image capture system and high-speed scanning technology, the company achieved precise collection and processing of rice’s original features, ensuring product quality.
  3. Cost Control: Owning an automated production line allowed the company to better manage costs, thereby enhancing overall competitiveness.
  4. Supply Chain Flexibility: The application of a full-color high-speed scanning CCD sensor and the density separation method made the company’s supply chain more flexible, reducing reliance on external suppliers.

Customer Feedback

The canned fish company expressed immense satisfaction with our production line, particularly highlighting its outstanding performance in cleaning and sorting. They emphasized the pivotal role this investment plays in their future sustainable growth.

20-ton automatic rice miller production line
20-Ton Automatic Rice Miller Production Line


This case illustrates the exceptional performance of our 20-ton rice miller production line and our ability to provide efficient solutions for customers.

We look forward to collaborating with more clients in the food processing industry, collectively driving industry development and elevating product quality.