20-ton rice milling production line

20-ton rice milling production line represents the pinnacle of efficiency, quality, and automation for rice processors seeking a high-performance solution. Designed to deliver a consistent output of 20 tons of premium-grade rice daily, this comprehensive system encompasses state-of-the-art de-stoning, husking, milling, grading, color sorting, and packaging processes.

The evolving technology allows a tailored and flexible approach to designing the processing workflow, accommodating diverse user requirements. This adaptability enables the production line to process various types of precision rice, showcasing a multifunctional capability.

Particularly, this technological marvel is well-suited for large-scale rice factories, providing a versatile and streamlined solution to meet the demands of modern rice processing.

20 ton rice milling production line
20-ton rice milling production line with a good price

Which machines are included in the entire rice production line?

Based on a 20-ton automatic rice mill plant, this commercial large-scale complete rice milling production line adds a polishing machine, white rice grading, color sorting, weighing, and packaging. In addition, you can also add a silo to store the white rice and then pack it.

The entire rice production line does not require all machines to work at the same time. For example, in the early stage of rice milling, the color sorter and packaging machine do not need to be turned on. When the quantity of rice is large, the color sorter can be turned on and then weighed and packaged, which can reduce the waste of electricity resources.

Single machine advantages

Cleaning and stone removing
Paddy Rice Destoner

Unique combination cleaning and stone removal machine

◆Separate design for cleaning and removing stones, impurities, straw, etc.
◆The cleaning part adopts a multi-layer reciprocating sieve shaker mechanism, which has high cleaning efficiency and clean-up.
◆The stone removing part adopts a large air volume suction design, with a large air volume and a good stone removing effect.
◆High-strength vibration-absorbing bearing configuration, the machine body moves smoothly, is firm and reliable, has low vibration, low noise, and low dust.

Innovative strong drawing wind sand roller

◆The emery roller rice mill adopts a large-diameter hollow main shaft and an innovative “sand roller whitening” design.
◆Strong wind blower, low rice temperature, cleaner rice, and effectively improve the gloss of rice and reduce the rate of broken rice.
◆The operation height is reduced, the operation is more convenient, and the daily maintenance is convenient.

Rice Milling Machine
Gravity Paddy Separator

Stable Gravity Separation for brown rice and paddy

◆Large screen surface design, fast separation speed, and uniform distribution;
◆The horizontal and vertical angles of the screen surface can be adjusted to adapt to all varieties of rice, and the screening effect is good;
◆The amount of re-husking is small, effectively reducing the broken rice rate.

White rice grading sieve

◆The white rice grading sieve is used to classify the finished rice and can be divided into three grades: first-grade rice, large broken, and small broken
◆It is also suitable for the separation of similar granular materials.

White rice grading
White Rice Grader
Color Sorter

Rice color sorter

The rice color sorter can effectively remove tiny spots, rice husks, grass seeds, yellow water, white bellies, heterochromatic grains, mildew grains, stones, etc., leaving good rice.

Packing machine

The range that can be packed is 5-50 kg, no matter if you want to pack 5 kg, 10 kg, 25 kg, 30 kg, 35 kg, 40 kg, or 50 kg, you can use this packaging.

Weighting and packing machine
Weighting And Packing Machine

The main features of the rice milling production line

  • The integral base mechanism is convenient for transportation and installation. It has a stable operation and a small footprint.
  • The unique design of “returning grain to dehulling” improves the processing efficiency of small batches of materials.
  • Innovative sand roller whitening. The rice temperature is low, and the rice husk is less. Also, the rice precision is improved.
  • The humanized technological process is simple and easy for one person to operate.
  • Independent and safe electric control system, more convenient operation.
  • Improved transmission system to extend the service life of wearing parts.
  • It can be equipped with secondary rice milling, rice grading, color sorting, and other systems to improve the quality of polished rice.
Rice milling production line
automatic rice milling production line

Workflow of 20-ton rice milling production line

The process begins with paddy rice being conveyed by a single-chain elevator to a cleaning unit, where it undergoes the removal of large impurities and stones. Subsequently, a double-chain elevator transports the rice to a dehusking machine, where the husk is separated.

The husk is either expelled from the machine by a fan or directed into a grinding machine. The mixture of rough rice then moves through a double-chain elevator to a gravity sieve for further separation.

Unhusked rice is redirected to the dehusking machine through the gravity sieve. The brown rice enters a milling machine, and after the milling process, the bran is extracted by a bran sifter, while the finished product is collected and packaged. The bran, both fine and coarse, is combined and fed into a grinding machine for blending before being collected and packaged as a unified bran product.

Rice milling process
rice milling process

How to install such a rice milling production line?

As shown in the picture below, we will number them in sequence. You only need to assemble according to this serial number. In addition, if you encounter any problems during installation, you can contact our engineers.

Install the rice milling production line
installation of the rice milling production line

Maintenance of 20-ton rice milling production line

  1. Conduct maintenance every 1000 operating hours, including disassembling the bearings, cleaning, and replacing lubricating grease.
  2. Promptly address any damage or significant wear on machine components, ensuring that the repaired rotor undergoes dynamic balancing verification.
  3. When the machine is idle for an extended period, ensure thorough cleaning of the interior, removing dust and debris to prevent rust and potential sieve hole blockages.
Rice milling machine for sale
rice milling machine for sale

Is it profitable to invest in such a rice milling production line?

Investing in a complete rice milling production line can indeed be a profitable venture, considering the widespread cultivation of rice in many African countries. Establishing a rice mill workshop provides an opportunity to offer milling services to local households, generating income through processing fees.

Additionally, the byproduct, rice husk, opens up another avenue for revenue. Rice husk can be utilized as a valuable resource, serving as a source of poultry feed. This not only provides an eco-friendly solution for waste management but also caters to the needs of local poultry farmers. Moreover, you can explore selling rice husks to livestock farms, expanding your market, and contributing to sustainable agricultural practices.

In essence, investing in a rice milling production line not only supports local communities by offering milling services but also allows you to tap into the various revenue streams associated with rice processing and the utilization of byproducts.

Rice miller machine
rice miller machine

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Rice milling production line manufacturer
rice milling production line manufacturer