20-ton rice milling production line

With the development of science and technology, the rice milling production line is becoming more and more automated and intelligent. One to three people can manage a large-scale rice production line. The process can be specially designed and flexibly combined according to user requirements, and it can process a variety of precision rice. One machine for multiple purposes, and is suitable for large rice factories.

20 ton rice milling production line
20 ton rice milling production line

Which machines are included in the entire rice production line?

Based on a 20-ton automatic rice mill plant, this commercial large-scale complete rice milling production line adds a polishing machine, white rice grading, color sorting, weighing, and packaging. In addition, you can also add a silo to store the white rice and then pack it. The entire rice production line does not require all machines to work at the same time. For example, in the early stage of rice milling, the color sorter and packaging machine do not need to be turned on. When the quantity of rice is large, the color sorter can be turned on and then weighed and packaged, which can reduce the waste of electricity resources.

Single machine advantage

Cleaning and stone removing
Cleaning And Stone Removing

Unique combination cleaning and stone removal machine

◆Separate design for cleaning and removing stones, impurities, straw, etc.
◆The cleaning part adopts a multi-layer reciprocating sieve shaker mechanism, which has high cleaning efficiency and clean-up.
◆The stone removing part adopts a large air volume suction design, with large air volume and a good stone removing effect.
◆High-strength vibration-absorbing bearing configuration, the machine body moves smoothly, is firm and reliable, has low vibration, low noise, and low dust.

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Innovative strong drawing wind sand roller

◆The emery roller rice mill adopts a large-diameter hollow main shaft and an innovative “sand roller whitening” design.
◆Strong wind blower, low rice temperature, cleaner rice, and effectively improve the gloss of rice and reduce the rate of broken rice.
◆The operation height is reduced, the operation is more convenient, and the daily maintenance is convenient.


Stable Gravity Separation for brown rice and paddy

◆Large screen surface design, fast separation speed, and uniform distribution;
◆The horizontal and vertical angles of the screen surface can be adjusted to adapt to all varieties of rice, and the screening effect is good;
◆The amount of re-husking is small, effectively reducing the broken rice rate.
In order to obtain better quality rice, the production line is also equipped with:

White rice grading sieve

◆The white rice grading sieve is used to classify the finished rice and can be divided into three grades: first-grade rice, large broken, and small broken
◆It is also suitable for the separation of similar granular materials.

White rice grading
White Rice Grading

Rice color sorter

The rice color sorter can effectively remove tiny spots, rice husks, grass seeds, yellow water, white belly, heterochromatic grains, mildew grains, stones, etc., leaving good rice.

Packing machine

The range that can be packed is 5-50 kg, no matter you want to pack 5 kg, 10 kg, 25 kg, 30 kg, 35 kg, 40 kg, or 50 kg, you can use this packaging.

Rice packing machine
Rice Packing Machine

Main features of rice milling production line

The integral base mechanism is convenient for transportation and installation. It has a stable operation and a small footprint. The unique design of “returning grain to dehulling” improves the processing efficiency of small batches of materials.
Innovative sand roller whitening. The rice temperature is low, and the rice husk is less. Also, the rice precision is improved.
Humanized technological process, simple and easy operation by one person.
Independent and safe electric control system, more convenient operation.
Improved transmission system to extend the service life of wearing parts.
It can be equipped with secondary rice milling, rice grading, color sorting, and other systems to improve the quality of polished rice.

Rice milling production line
rice milling production line

Milling rice process

Rice milling process
rice milling process

How to install such a rice milling production line?

As shown in the picture below, we will number them in sequence. You only need to assemble according to this serial number. In addition, if you encounter any problems during installation, you can contact our engineers.

Install the rice milling production line
Install the rice milling production line

Is it profitable to invest in such a rice milling production line?

As we know, most countries in Africa grow rice, so it is not surprising that rice appears in every household. So how to invest in complete rice milling equipment to make money?
You can build a rice mill workshop so that the rice of each household can be milled in your workshop. They will leave rice husk behind. You can charge for processing, and rice husk is another way for you to make money. Rice husk can be used as a source of poultry feed, or you can sell rice husk to livestock farms.

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Our Advantages

We are a manufacturer specializing in the production of rice milling machine series. While we provide machines, we will also provide you with site solutions. If you want to build a rice mill workshop, then please tell us what your needs are, and we will produce drawings according to your needs.

Rice milling production line manufacturer
rice milling production line manufacturer

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