Steamed Rice: The Perfect Fusion of Health and Quality

Steamed rice, also known as half-cooked rice, is a natural and nutritious variety of rice made from high-quality indica rice in China. It undergoes a series of water-thermal treatments, including cleaning, soaking, steaming, and drying, followed by conventional dehusking and milling processes.

This unique combination of processing methods results in a natural and nutrient-rich rice that has gained international acclaim as a representative of healthy and green foods.

Steaming rice
Steaming Rice

Craftsmanship and Quality Ingredients

The production process of steamed rice involves stringent steps such as cleaning, soaking, steaming, and drying. By using pollution-free, green, and organic rice as raw material, the presence of harmful substances like pesticide residues and heavy metals is minimized. This ensures that steamed rice achieves optimal levels of taste and nutrition.

International Market Success

While steamed rice might not be widely known in China, it has garnered a reputation as a health and green food representative in regions like Europe, America, and the Middle East.

Abroad, steamed rice performs well in the market, often commanding prices 10% to 15% higher than equivalent white rice, leading to significant economic benefits.

Rice boiling machine
Rice Boiling Machine

Challenges and Opportunities

Despite its success on the international stage, steamed rice has yet to find widespread acceptance in the domestic market. Challenges such as high processing costs, a deeper rice color, lower rice stickiness, and differing taste preferences have constrained its promotion within China.

However, as the pursuit of healthy food continues to grow, there is an opportunity for steamed rice to gain broader acceptance domestically.

Future Development Trends

As concerns about food safety and health rise, steamed rice is poised for greater development in the future. Promoting its natural, healthy, and nutritious attributes to domestic consumers will be crucial in expanding its recognition.

Simultaneously, technological innovation and improvements addressing challenges in taste and color will enhance its competitiveness in the domestic market.

Rice dryer machine
Rice Dryer Machine


Steamed rice, with its blend of health and quality, has achieved remarkable success in the international market. Despite facing challenges in the domestic market, the increasing popularity of healthy eating habits suggests that steamed rice will find broader opportunities in the future, bringing more delicious and healthy options to dining tables.