Tips in the installation of a combined rice milling plants

Analysis of matters combined rice milling plants before installation

Review drawings before rice mill machine installation

Combined rice milling plants machine drawings review is necessary to work before equipment installation. Once there is a problem with the drawing, it will have a direct impact on the installation and even make it impossible to install the rice mill plants. Therefore, you need to review the installation drawing before installing the combined rice milling plants. So you can find somewhere unreasonable in the design early. Engineers promptly put forward suggestions for amendments.

Perfect and reasonable drawings are the basis and core of equipment installation, so you must review the drawings strictly. We draw all the rice milling units in our company according to the needs of customers, and also produce the machines according to the needs of customers.

Safety matters in combined rice milling plants installation

Safety is always the prerequisite during the combined rice milling plant installation process. Based on nearly 10 years of equipment installation safety experience, we summarized several extremely important safety issues.

  • Before installing the equipment, the hidden danger reminder is the first task. At the same time, hang and safety signs on the main safety control points as reminders.
  • All types of work must take the most basic personal protective measures, such as entering the installation site, be sure to wear a safety helmet.
  • The holes in the workshop have a greater impact on personal safety. Seal the holes reserved in the workshop with a cover plate, place railings around the large holes, and horizontally support a safety net in the middle.
  • Among the safety measures, do not overlook electricity safety, carry out the installation in strict accordance with electricity regulations. Temporary electricity use should be TN-S three-phase five-wire, and PE wires must have very reliable grounding measures.

Preparations before equipment rice mill machine

  1. Familiarize yourself with the upper process in advance to better ensure the next process. Therefore, the person in charge of equipment installation should be familiar with all the installation technical documents and installation procedures in advance and prepare the drawings and technical details in advance. So that each team can understand the equipment installation in advance. Main points, familiarize yourself with the installation process in advance. Our rice milling units will have serial numbers for customers, as shown in the picture.
  2. In order to ensure that you complete the equipment installation on schedule, you should prepare a reasonable installation plan and schedule according to the specific conditions of the equipment installation volume, construction period, site, and lifting capacity before installation. We will mark the length and width of the entire rice mill on the drawing.
  3. During the equipment installation, there will be a mismatch between the equipment and the civil foundation or hole. Therefore, inspect the civil foundation and reserved holes according to the civil construction drawings, process drawings, and technical documents before installation. After qualifying for the inspection, check the construction unit together. And the supervision unit to handle the handover and filing work so that it can be documented in the future.

Key issues in the installation process of combined rice milling plants

  • (1) In addition to the personal safety of the installer, the safety of the equipment also needs attention during the installation process. For example, hoist correctly the equipment during the installation process, and take protective measures after completing the hoisting to prevent damage to the equipment and to maintain the surface of the equipment cleaning.
  • (2) In order to facilitate the disassembly and replacement of the equipment in the future, use bolts when connecting all equipment to the base or embedded parts. And you cannot directly weld them, so as not to make the equipment difficult to remove in the later replacement.
  • (3) The operation and maintenance of the equipment in the later operation are dominant, so consider all equipment to reserve enough operation and maintenance space and convenience when installing.

Analysis of precautions for installation of main equipment of combined rice milling plants

Installation of elevators

  • (1) In order to improve the installation efficiency of the elevator and avoid leakage problems in the future, install the elevator section by section from bottom to top. Install the base first, then install the barrel, and finally install the head. After completing the installation, use it uniformly. Correcte the vertical line to ensure that the overall verticality error is not more than 5mm so that in future use, the belt will not be easy to scratch the barrel and improve the service life of the elevator.
  •  (2)Tension the belt regularly during the use of the elevator. Once the stroke is not well grasped during installation, the later elevator will tension not effectively during use, which will affect the use. So pay attention to adjusting the tensioning device during installation. Make the remaining tension stroke not less than 50% of the full stroke.
  • (3)Install the elevator with forward and reverse feeding. This is to improve the efficiency and conveying effect. And can effectively prevent the material from breaking up. Generally, the powder conveying adopts forward feeding, and the granular material conveying adopts reverse feeding.

Installation of vibrating cleaning screen

  • (1) The vibrating cleaning sieve will replace the worn sieve when using it later. So reserve a certain space for maintenance during installation. Generally, reserve a clear space of more than 1.5m at the feed end.
  • (2) In order to prevent the collision between the vibrating screen’s discharge port and the receiving device. Pay attention to leaving a space of 10mm when docking the discharge port with the vertical suction duct during installation.

Installation of paddy rice destoner

  • (1) Replace the sieve after a certain period of use in the later stage of the stone removal machine. And reserve a certain space for easy maintenance during installation. According to experience, the feed end generally reserves more than 1.5m of space.
  • (2) The stone exit of the stone removing machine moves with the equipment. To avoid collision with the stone receiving device, leave a space of 100mm with the stone receiving port during installation.

Installation of the rice hulling machine

The rubber roller inside the hulling machine is a vulnerable part. And basically replace it in 3~5 days. so it is necessary to reserve a space of about 1 m for easy maintenance during installation.

Installation of Rought Separation Screen

  • (1) Sieve pieces of the rough separation screen are distributed in multiple layers. And replace them when wearing out. According to the general conditions of the squalid sieve, generally reserve a space of 1.2 m at the front of the equipment during installation.
  • (2) Rough separation screen is a kind of vibration equipment. And the discharge port also vibrates with the body. When installing, pay attention to reserve a space of about 100 mm with the receiving port to avoid collision during adjustment or operation.

Installation of rice milling machine

  • (1) When using the rice milling machine in the later period, it is necessary to frequently clean the chaff inside the equipment and replace the accessories. So when installing each group of equipment, reserve a space of about 1m for cleaning and maintenance.
  • (2) During the installation process, it is often the case that the equipment is installed and then disassembled and replaced with each other. This is because you did not notice that although the appearance of the rice machine is the same, the internal rice milling roller configuration is different. Therefore, when using two or more emery roller rice machines in combination, pay special attention to the sand number of the emery roller. The larger sand number should be installed in the front lane.
  • (3) The rice milling machine is high-speed equipment. Once it enters the hard foreign matter, especially the iron foreign matter, it is likely to cause damage to the sieve. Therefore, each entry of the machine must be equipped with a magnetic separator.

Installation of rice color sorter

  • (1) The color sorter is electronic precision equipment. You need to handle it with care when moving. When installing and assembling the silo, welding, and painting, in order to prevent the color sorter from burning or entering foreign objects, the surface of it should generally be covered with a layer of protection film or fireproof cloth.
  • (2) When the color sorter is running, the body needs to be stable to ensure the effect of color sorting. If the equipment platform is a steel structure, the color sorter must use a separate platform. This is to avoid resonance by sharing the platform with other equipment. Which will affect the normal operation of electronic devices.
  • (3) The electrical components of the color sorter are more sophisticated. And electric charges will easily affect it. Therefore, the color sorter needs a separate grounding wire, and bury the grounding wire about 2m deep.
  • (4) The unstable power supply voltage of the rice paddy production line may cause the sensitivity of the components of the color sorter to decrease and affect the color sorting effect. Generally, it is recommended to equip the color sorter with a voltage stabilizer.

As the production capacity of the rice milling machine industry expands, we need to improve the requirements for the installation of combined rice milling plants. It is necessary for us to keep improving the installation of combined rice milling plants to make the production of rice milling machinery and equipment run more smoothly and smoothly, and to reduce installation errors. Avoid causing downtime, rework and other losses to the owner, and give full play to the installation experience, project advantages and service value of the equipment installer.