15T/D integrated rice milling unit

15T/D integrated rice milling unit can mill rice with high working efficiency, and it has four models including standard type, medium type, high-end type, deluxe type. They look similar, but still has something different. All rice milling rate can reach 71%, and the processed rice is equipped with high quality. Thanks to high milling precision, compact structure and excellent output, this series of integrated rice milling unit is pretty popular in the rice processing industries.

The operation video

The structure of integrated rice milling unit

The integrated rice milling unit is mainly compose of 120 parts, and each part is dismountable,that is,

  1. Feeding hopper
  2. Single hoist
  3. Rice destoner
  4. Rice husking machine
  5. Double hoist
  6. Gravity screen
  7. Electric cabinet
  8. Rice milling machine
  9. Rice husk crushing machine
  10. Hoist
rice milling machine

The working steps is like this, 1-2-3-5-4-5-6-8-10-11-12-9, you may confused that why the rice go back to double hoist? Because the rice that still has husk will be conveyed by double hoist into rice husking machine, such operation can fully improve the husking rate.

The standard type integrated rice milling unit

The standard type integrated rice milling unit is a most common one, and its capacity is 600-700kg/h.

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rice miller

Technical parameter

Rice milling rate71%
Total power19.25Kw(without crushing machine)
 26.25Kw(including crushing machine)

The medium type combined rice milling machine

Medium type combined rice miller add a rice husk crushing machine on the basis of the standard. The special design of cyclone on the end of crushing machine can effectively avoid dust flying around air, which is environment friendly

rice hulling machine

Technical parameter

Rice milling rate71%
Total power27.35Kw(including crushing machine)

High-end type integrated rice miller

The most proficient feature of High-end type integrated rice miller is that it can convey rice pneumatically, removing the rich husk inside the final rice and improving the quality of rice.

rice huller

Technical parameter

Rice milling rate71%
Total power20.35Kw(without crushing machine)
Total power28.45Kw(including crushing machine)

Deluxe type combined rice miller

Deluxe type combined rice miller is the most advanced type, and it not only has rice husking crushing machine, special pneumatic hoist to convey rice, but rotating grading sieve that can screen in a multistage level, increasing the cleaning rate.

rice milling unit

Technical parameter

Rice milling rate71%
Total power20.35Kw(without crushing machine)
Total power28.45Kw(including crushing machine)

How to install and maintain the integrated rice miller?

1. The driving shaft of integrated rice miller must be level during installation.

2. The roller must not be loose, and it is strictly prohibited to use it if there is a crack.

3. The assembly of the rice sieve should keep horizontally, and the connection should have a flat joint, and the gap of the connection is less than 5mm at the joint.

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4. You need to replace the screen of integrated rice miller in time if it is wear is severely, otherwise the rice broken rate will increase.

4. All parts in the whitewashing room should be kept smooth, and there should be no obvious unevenness. 5. Always keep the bearing full of butter, pay attention to the bearing temperature, and clean the bearing regularly.

6. If the broken rice content is gradually increased, you should check it and find the reason at once.

The installation video

The common problems and solution of integrated rice milling unit

The name of partsMalfunction Reason Solution
Rice destoner There are many rice in the stone1. The rice removing track may deviate.2.rice flow is too large or smallInstall the each part again.
The rice can not be discharged completely. 1.Uneven rice flowing2.The destoner slate is not horizontal3.The unevenness of destoner slate 4.Severe vibration of integrated rice milling unit
There are many stone in the rice. 
Rice husking partLow shelling rateRice entering flow is large2.The water content of rice is high 3. The pressure of roller is low.1. control the rice flow speed.2. proper adjust and master the shelling rules3. replace the spring
Rice broken rate is increasingThe pressure of roller is low Expand properly the gap between rollers
The integrated rice milling unit stops suddenlyThe rollers are blocked by brown riceClose the feeding plate,and loose the roller

Advantage of integrated rice milling unit

  1. There are four different types of integrated rice milling unit , and you can choose according to your need.
  2. All rice milling rate is 71%, and such a number is higher than other rice milling machines.
  3. We can customize machine for you in the basis of your need. For example, you can add different parts to the whole machine such as rice husk crushing machine, square screen, color sorter etc.
  4. The whole operation just is simple and just needs one person to operate it.
  5. High cleaning rate is the biggest advantage of it, and you do not process the final rice again, saving time and energy.
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The operation details video

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