15TPD rice milling machine production line

The 15TPD rice milling machine production line represents an advanced technology in rice processing, aimed at meticulously transforming raw rice grains into premium quality polished rice with exceptional taste.

Through meticulous processes such as thorough husking, and polishing, it ensures the output rice grains are clean, intact, and meet stringent quality standards.

Additionally, the incorporation of cutting-edge automation and control systems guarantees the efficient and stable operation of the production line, providing rice farmers and milling enterprises with a reliable processing solution.

Large scale 15tpd rice milling machine production line
Large Scale 15Tpd Rice Milling Machine Production Line

Advantages of the 15TPD rice milling machine production line

  1. Increased Processing Capacity: With a capacity of 15 metric tons per day, this production line can handle larger volumes of raw paddy, making it suitable for medium to large-scale rice milling operations.
  2. Improved Efficiency: The production line is designed for continuous and efficient processing, reducing downtime and maximizing output.
  3. Enhanced Quality Control: Modern rice milling technology incorporated in this production line ensures consistent quality in the final polished rice product.
  4. Versatility: It can accommodate different varieties of rice and adjust to specific processing requirements, making it suitable for various types of rice production.
  5. Cost-Efficiency: Through automation and efficient processing, the production line helps reduce labor costs and increase overall operational efficiency.
  6. Precision Processing: Advanced machinery and technology enable precise control over each stage of the milling process, resulting in high-quality polished rice.
  7. Space-Saving Design: The production line is designed with space efficiency in mind, allowing it to be set up in a relatively compact area.
  8. By-Product Utilization: It efficiently handles by-products like rice bran and broken rice, allowing for their potential use in other industries such as animal feed or oil extraction.
15tpd rice milling machine production line for rice processing
15Tpd Rice Milling Machine Production Line For Rice Processing

Common problem with 15TPD rice milling machine production line

Can the production line handle different varieties of rice?

Yes, the production line can be adjusted to accommodate various types and varieties of rice.

How is the quality of the polished rice ensured?

Modern technology and quality control measures are implemented throughout the production line to ensure consistent and high-quality polished rice.

Is the production line customizable to meet specific industry standards?

Yes, the production line can be designed to meet specific industry and safety standards to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.

Can the production line be expanded for higher processing capacities?

Yes, it can be adapted or expanded to accommodate higher processing capacities if needed.

15tpd rice milling machine production line for sale
15Tpd Rice Milling Machine Production Line For Sale

Main components of the 15TPD rice milling machine production line

Components of rice milling machine production line
Components Of 15 Tpd Rice Milling Machine Production Line

Paddy rice destoner

Primarily designed to eliminate stones and large soil particles from paddy, this machine also effectively removes larger straw than that of paddy rice, as well as smaller particles such as sand or dust compared to paddy rice.

Paddy rice destoner
Paddy Rice Destoner

Paddy rice husker

Eliminate the outer husk to obtain brown rice.

Paddy rice husker
Paddy Rice Husker

Gravity paddy separator

Distinguish brown rice from paddy based on variations in gravity and surface friction.

Gravity paddy separator
Gravity Paddy Separator

Rice mill

Eliminate the brown outer layer to obtain white rice.

Rice mill
Rice Mill

Rice polisher

A rice polisher is a specialized machine used in the rice milling process to enhance the appearance, texture, and quality of polished rice. It is a crucial component in the production line, particularly when producing white rice for commercial purposes.

The rice polisher works by gently removing the outer bran layer from the rice grains. This process helps achieve a smooth and shiny surface on the rice kernels, giving them a more appealing visual appearance. Additionally, it improves the texture and mouthfeel of the rice, making it softer and more palatable.

Rice polishers come in various sizes and capacities to accommodate different levels of production. They are equipped with adjustable settings to allow operators to control the degree of polishing, ensuring the desired quality is achieved.

Overall, a rice polisher plays a vital role in refining rice grains to meet the high standards expected in the commercial market, resulting in visually appealing and delicious polished rice.

Rice polisher
Rice Polisher

White rice grader

A white rice grader is a specialized machine used in the rice milling process to classify polished rice grains based on size and quality. It plays a crucial role in ensuring uniformity in the final product, particularly for commercial purposes.

The white rice grader operates by passing the polished rice through a series of screens or sieves with different mesh sizes. These screens separate the rice grains into various categories based on their dimensions. This process helps to remove any broken or undersized grains, ensuring that only high-quality, properly-sized rice kernels make it to the final product.

White rice grader
White Rice Grader

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