15TPD rice milling machine plant shipped to Iran

As proud suppliers of the 15TPD Rice Milling Machine Plant, we recently forged a successful partnership with a prominent grain trading company in the enchanting land of Laos.

Challenges and Expectations

The Laotian trader had set the bar high, seeking top-notch equipment to process 15 tons of paddy rice. Their primary goal was to address the escalating demand for premium-quality rice in the local market.

15td automatic rice mill plant for rice processing
15Td Automatic Rice Mill Plant For Rice Processing

Our Unique Solution

Introducing our flagship product, the 15TPD Rice Milling Machine Plant, we presented a comprehensive solution that seamlessly integrated cleaning, dehusking, milling, and grading.

The equipment boasted an intelligent control system and advanced processing techniques, providing an efficient, convenient, and smart solution for rice processing.

Smooth Delivery and Impeccable Installation

Ensuring the safe transport of the equipment to Laos, we meticulously planned the shipping logistics and provided detailed installation guidelines. Our dedicated team worked in tandem, ensuring swift installation and commissioning.

15td rice miller machine unit for sale
15Td Rice Miller Machine Unit For Sale

Achievements and Benefits

The 15TPD Rice Milling Machine Plant, delivered on schedule, brought several significant benefits to our Laotian client:

  • Ultimate Efficiency: The fully automated intelligent process significantly increased production efficiency, achieving remarkable processing capacity per hour.
  • Outstanding Quality: Advanced cleaning and milling processes guaranteed the production of rice meeting the highest quality standards of the Laotian market.
  • Stability and Reliability: The equipment’s excellent stability and high reliability ensured uninterrupted operation, minimizing maintenance and downtime.


Successfully introducing the 15TPD Rice Milling Machine Unit not only met the client’s demands for efficient processing and exceptional quality but also positioned them as leaders in the Laotian market.

We remain committed to providing cutting-edge solutions, empowering more grain trading companies to flourish with our advanced paddy rice processing technology.