20-ton automatic rice mill plant

Applications of automatic rice mill plant

Individual farmers can buy one such combined rice mill plant with several exchanges. The rice grown in this way can be sold at a higher price after milling. So you don’t have to worry about your food. A town or village can buy one combined rice mill plant to process a large amount of collected rice. The economic value of turning rice into white rice is higher. Large and small factories can also buy such combined rice mill plants because thousands of employees need to eat a lot of rice every day, and processing it yourself may reduce your budget.

Applications of rice milling plant
Applications Of Rice Milling Plant

Which machines consist of a 20 ton combined rice mill plant?

Same as the 15-ton combined rice mill plant configuration, it includes stone remover, dehuller machine, gravity screening machine, rice milling machine, white rice grading sieve. But the overall structure is more compact than the 15-ton rice milling machine.
Stone removing machine: It can remove sundries in the valley, such as gravel, iron filings, dust, platycodon, etc.
Rice huller: remove the hull of rice.
Gravity sieving machine: sieving brown rice and rice according to different gravity.
Rice Mill: Turn brown rice into white rice.

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Consist of automatic rice mill plant
Consist Of Automatic Rice Mill Plant

Advantages of combined rice milling plant

  1. Combination arrangement
    The one-line arrangement is neat, beautiful, and saving space.
  2. Versatility
    It integrates cleaning, stone removal, dehulling, whitening, polishing, and rice grading.
  3. Equipment safety
    The equipment is safe. It is a new type of rice milling machine with a neutral screen. One person can complete the entire rice milling process.
  4. Rice milling technology
    The rice milling part of the equipment adopts negative pressure rice milling technology, which has low rice temperature, no chaff, and fewer crushing.
  5. Yield
    The rice milling speed is fast, and the 20TPD complete set of equipment has a daily output of about 20 tons.
  6. Production process
    Optical fiber cutting, CNC bending, CNC machine tools, spraying process, high-position spray baking, etc.

Highlight of the 20TPD rice milling machine

1. 20 TPD automatic rice mill plant is convenient equipment, and it is a new type of rice milling machine with a gravity grading screen and convenient operation in the world.

2. The structure is neat and beautiful, and the energy consumption is low. The operation and maintenance are convenient, and the disassembly and assembly of all equipment are very convenient.

3. According to the requirements of each process, it is arranged in combination. The main operations are concentrated in the middle, and the operation is convenient.

Effect of rice milling

Our rice milling unit is researched according to the difference of rice on the market in various countries. So it can be used for all kinds of rice. After many experiments with different rice quality, whether it is long rice, short rice, or round rice, the rice milling rate has reached 71%. So don’t worry about your rice is not suitable for this machine.

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what is the milling rice process?

First, remove the small stone in the rice.

Second, dehulled the rice.

Third, milling the rice.

Forth, grading the final rice.

Milling rice process
Milling Rice Process

Difference between 15 ton rice mill plant and 20 ton automatic rice mill plant

  1. The stone remover of the 15-ton rice mill is different from that of the 20-ton rice mill. The former uses a sieve to sieve back and forth, while the latter uses a square rotation.
  2. Low noise, there is not much noise when the whole rice milling unit is working.
  3. High output, daily output can reach 20 tons.
  4. Compact structure, it is controlled by a control cabinet that controls the operation of all machines.

Details display

How to install this rice mill?

The 20-ton rice milling plant is mainly divided into two parts. One is the silo and the stone remover, and the other is the dehuller and the rice mill. You only need to put these two parts together when installing. A control cabinet controls the work of the entire plant, so the structure is also very compact.

Install rice milling plant

Does a rice mill make money?

Of course, whether you are a self-employed business or a processing agent, buying an automatic rice milling plant will quickly recover the cost of the machine. Because in Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, Botswana, and other countries, almost every household grows a lot of rice, so it is an investment opportunity for you to buy a rice milling unit. You can also sell milled rice, so many ways can help you make money.


Customer usage scenarios

This customer bought our basic version of the 20-ton automatic rice mill plant. And then they added a polishing machine, a white rice grading sieve, and a color sorter on this basis. The customer said that he wanted to sell the milled rice to the supermarket, so the process of brown rice was stricter. We customized a rice milling plant equipped with this device according to his request. We will customize the rice milling plant according to the needs of each customer. Please consult us if you have any needs for rice milling.

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Our advantage

As a rice mill manufacturer, we integrate research, development, design, and sales. Please trust us as a professional rice mill manufacturer. If you buy our machines, we will design installation drawings, site requirements, etc. for you. And provide you with installation training, if necessary, we will come to install the rice milling unit for you.


Technical Parameters

Capacity20 tons per day
Raw materialPaddy rice
Final productsWhite rice
Size4.3 * 4.5 *4 m

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