20TPD automatic combined rice milling machine

The 20TPD automatic combined rice milling machine is designed for processing high-quality rice and is equipped with a 60A suction-type gravity stone removing machine, color sorter, and square screen, setting it apart from other types of rice milling machines. These advanced configurations enable more efficient and precise operations in the rice processing journey.

Whether from the perspectives of stone removal, color sorting, or screening, the 20TPD automatic combined rice milling machine showcases advanced technology and outstanding performance. For users pursuing the production of high-quality rice, this automatic combined rice milling machine is an ideal investment choice.

rice milling machine plants working process

What’s the advantage that other types of rice milling machines do not have?

  • This rice milling machine is made of several parts, but each part is independent, which is easy to maintain.
  • The color sorter machine has a photoelectric color selection with high precision.
  • Rice destoner can clean out impurities such as stone automatically to enable the cleanliness of rice.
  • The temperature of the final rice is low, and you can not find any rice husk powder in the white rice.
  • Even though it boasts a very big size, there is little noise and dust.
  • The rice huller part matches with gear and a 6-layer screen that can separate rice husk and brown rice effectively. The rotating grading screen can select rice with different levels, improving the quality of rice.
  • The screening speed of gravity is very fast without any residue.
  • The strong-wind fan can fully blow out the rice husk.
  • It can work continuously for 24 hours with a capacity of 20t per day.
  • Thanks to the high quality of processed rice, you pack it into a bag directly and sell it on the market.
Raw materials of rice mill
Raw Materials Of Rice Mill

Technical parameter of 20-ton rice mill production line

Name 20T/D combined rice milling machine
Raw material Paddy rice
Final products White rice
Power Rice milling machine26.2kw
Polisher machine16.5kw
Total Power42.7kw
Weight 2 ton
Installation area 3500*2600*2900mm
Put into 20GP Container (6*2.34*2.34M)
Material  TotalCarbon steel
Capacity 900-1000kg/h  20 ton per day (24 hours)
Rice milling rate71%
Total power32.7Kw(without crushing machine)51.2Kw(including crushing machine)
Rate of output rice 72% (including broken rice)
Rate of broken rice 2%
From rice huller machine to rice milling machine Go straight into the milling machine100% (Paddy rice)
Back to the huller machine10% (Paddy rice and rice)
The rice came from screening machineGrade A60%
Grade B10%
Broken rice2%
Notice: There are different types of rice in different countries of the world. The above figures are for reference only.

The operation video of the rice miller machine

rice mill machine working video

The structure and details of the rice mill machine

Structure and details of the rice mill machine
Structure And Details Of The Rice Mill Machine

Part A: 1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9

Part B: 10  

Details of combined rice milling machine
Details Of Combined Rice Milling Machine
Paddy rice milling machine
Paddy Rice Milling Machine
Automatic rice milling machine
Automatic Rice Milling Machine

The main part of the combined rice milling machine

Part A
No.Name Function Set
1Rice inlet Feeding brown rice 1
2lifterIt is single lifter, and can convey the rice into rice stone removing machine(2)1
3Rice destonerRemove the stone and other impurities from rice1
4Rice hulling machineRemove the rice husk.1
5lifterDouble lifter, convey rice to screening machine1
6Screening machineScreen the impurity inside rice1
7Electric cabinet Control the electricity1
8Rice mill machine get the white rice1
9Square sieveRemove the broken-rice to get the good rice1
Part B
10Crusher Crush the rice husk1
Combined rice milling machine for sale
Combined Rice Milling Machine For Sale

The installation tools after you receive the machine

Due to the big size, you need several types of tools for installation. Our rice millers do not match with the following tools, so it is necessary for you to buy them locally.

Percussion Drill

Hand Type Angle Mill
100M 380V/440V 3 phase electric line (thin)
Rice milling machine 2Rice hullerRice milling machine 4 1
100M 380V/440V 3 phase electric line (Thick) 90°pipe line
(PVC 160mm, 110mm)
Straight pipe line
(PVC 160mm, 110mm, 75mm)
Rice milling machine 4Rice milling machine 1Rice milling machine 3
necessary tools of combined rice milling machine

The number of each part of the combined rice milling machine

NameQuality (pcs)
A1500 Belt(Gravity Screen)4
1.0 Rice huller screens4
emery roll1
depression bar with screw1
Polishing head1
Conveyor head1
B1930 Belt(Rice machine)3
B1422 Belt(Head of the machine)2
B940 Belt(Husk fan)1
B1372 Belt(Oil bran fan)1
B1499 Belt(Destoner machine)1
A1800 Belt(Elevators)1
4.7m Adjustable Belt(Elevator)1
A1041 Belt(Broken rice screen)1
A1500 Belt(Gravity Sceen)2
B2565 Belt(Crusher)3
1570 Belt1
Gum cover of destoner1
Gum cover of broken rice screen1
each part of the rice miller units
Rice miller in stock
Rice Miller In Stock

A successful case of the combined rice milling machine

In early November, a delegation of seven Nigerian mayors paid a visit to our factory, where they had the opportunity to thoroughly test the machines they were interested in. In addition to procuring various other agricultural machines from our extensive range, they decided to place an order for three sets of our 20TPD combined rice milling machines.

The delegation was particularly impressed by the exceptional cleaning efficiency of this machine. In their home country, they used to go through the hassle of re-screening the rice after milling, which consumed a significant amount of time and energy.

However, the Taizy combined rice milling machine proved to be a game-changer. Its high level of cleanliness surpassed their expectations, eliminating the need for additional screening. Consequently, they decided to pay the deposit before concluding their visit to our factory.

Transportation of rice mill
Transportation Of Rice Mill

How to install the rice milling machine plant?

installation of rice mill machine unit
highly effective rice mill

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Inspection of combined rice milling machine
Inspection Of Combined Rice Milling Machine