40-ton rice milling machine production line

Welcome to our cutting-edge 40-ton rice milling machine production line – a pinnacle of efficiency and precision in rice processing. This state-of-the-art production line is meticulously designed to cater to the diverse needs of the modern rice industry. With a robust structure and advanced components, it promises not only high productivity but also exceptional quality in rice milling.

From the initial stages of paddy cleaning to the final packaging, each machine in this production line plays a crucial role in delivering top-grade rice. Whether you are a seasoned professional in the rice industry or an ambitious newcomer, our 40-ton rice milling machine production line stands as a testament to innovation and excellence. Join us on a journey through the key components and features that make this production line a game-changer in rice processing.

40-ton rice milling machine production line for business
40-Ton Rice Milling Machine Production Line For Business

Main components of 40-ton rice milling machine production line

The 40-ton rice milling machine production line is a meticulously designed set of equipment that encompasses a horizontal cleaner, paddy rice destoner, paddy rice husker, three rice mills, white rice grader, storage bin, water polisher, and color sorter as its main components. Each machine in this system plays a unique role, working in harmony to ensure the efficient transformation from raw paddy to the final product.

The cleaner removes impurities, the destoner focuses on eliminating stones, and the paddy husker is responsible for dehusking. The rice mills finely grind the paddy, while the white rice grader ensures product consistency. The storage bin facilitates smooth material flow, and the water polisher enhances the appearance and luster of the rice. The color sorter, using advanced technology, ensures that the final product meets high-quality standards. This comprehensive system provides a highly automated and efficient solution for rice processing.

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40-ton rice milling machine production line for sale
40-Ton Rice Milling Machine Production Line For Sale

Key features of 40-ton rice milling machine production line

  1. Aesthetic and Compact Design: The equipment is designed using a combination arrangement, enhancing its aesthetic appeal and compactness. The addition of base screws to the eccentric rotating parts improves the overall stability of the machine.
  2. Enhanced User-Friendliness: Key areas have undergone significant improvements to enhance user-friendliness. Certain components have been lowered in height, making the entire machine more accessible, especially for individual farmers. The user-friendly design is a primary advantage, catering to a wide range of operators.
  3. Flexibility in Maintenance: The equipment allows for the independent assembly and disassembly of each component, facilitating maintenance and transportation. The use of a suction-type destoner not only improves the reliability and stability of destoning but also reduces dust pollution during feeding, contributing to a better working environment.
  4. Versatile Functionality: The equipment is designed for both individual farmers’ processing needs and continuous processing of commercial grains. This dual functionality positions it as a new generation product in the field of rice processing.
  5. Improved Crushing Process: The equipment incorporates an improved crushing process, allowing farmers to process a mixture of large and clean bran into a unified bran powder in a single step. This ensures the comprehensive utilization of by-products. Simultaneously, the design retains the option to extract large bran separately, facilitating user choice.
40-ton rice milling machine production line with good price
40-Ton Rice Milling Machine Production Line With Good Price

Working process of 40-ton rice milling machine production line

The journey begins with the paddy grains being conveyed by a single-chain elevator to the cleaning section, where a destoner removes larger impurities and adjacent stones. Subsequently, a dual-chain elevator transports the cleaned paddy to the husking machine for dehusking. The husk is either expelled by a fan or directed into the pulverizer, while the mixture of bran and husk is conveyed by the dual-chain elevator to the gravity sieve for separation.

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Unhusked paddy identified by the gravity sieve is sent back through the duct to the husking machine, while the brown rice proceeds to the rice mill. After whitening through the rice milling machine, the fine bran is suctioned away and directed into a separately matched broken rice sieve. The finished product is collected and packaged after removing broken rice. The fine bran and bran are combined and crushed in the pulverizer, with the composite bran collected and packaged. Simultaneously, large bran is either blown out by a fan or sucked into the pulverizer.

The mixture of fine bran and large bran is crushed together in the pulverizer, creating unified bran powder. This consolidated by-product is collected and packaged as a unified bran. The entire working process is finely tuned and optimized to ensure the seamless and effective processing of paddy rice, resulting in high-quality rice and comprehensive utilization of by-products.

40-ton rice milling machine production line
40-Ton Rice Milling Machine Production Line

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