Rice miller machine Philippines

Rice is the most important crop in the Philippines, with a planting area of 4.27 million hectares, accounting for 33.8% of the total crop. The demand of rice miller machine Philippines is increasing.

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Rice Milling Machine

Specialties in the Philippines

There are three main types of rice seeds in the Philippines: self-retained seeds, certified seeds, and hybrids seeds. Agriculture is an important pillar of Philippine’s economy. 40% of the labor force depends on agriculture, and agricultural output accounts for 20% of the country’s GDP. The Philippines has a land area of 30 million hectares, of which 47% is used for agriculture. In addition to rice, it is also rich in other fields such as coconut, corn, sugar cane, banana, pineapple, mango etc.

Agricultural machine

The Philippines has limited production capacity and backward technology in agriculture. Although the market of rice milling machine Philippines is huge, it mainly depends on imports.

The level of agricultural mechanization in the Philippines is relatively low. In addition to rice miller, nursery seeding machine, planter machine, harvester machine and rice transplanters are also needed locally. In 2013, the Philippines began to implement the “Mechanization of Agriculture and Fisheries Law.” At that time, the rice milling machine Philippines has reached 200 sets.

In recent years, the Philippines’ financial support for agriculture has been greater. From 2011 to 2015, the Philippine government allocated $ 68 billion in agriculture. The Ministry of Agriculture has proposed to achieve the goal of rice self-sufficiency in 2019. $ 7 billion are given by government in 2018 mainly for irrigation, hybrid seeds and other agricultural machines.

The cooperation about Rice miller machine Philippines

The Philippines is an important partner of China. Rice is the most important local crop. However, for a long time, the Philippines’ rice production has been hovering at a low level. Since 1998, Chinese rice experts have introduced hybrid rice technology to the Philippines. Since then, Chinese agricultural technology has taken root in the fields of the Philippines, and rice miller machine Philippines are mainly imported from China.

The Chinese and Philippine governments have also co-founded the China-Philippine Agricultural Technology Center, and jointly launched two agricultural technology cooperation projects covering hybrid rice, agriculture machine and biogas technology etc.

China not only promote the agricultural development of the Philippines but also plant the seeds of friendship between the two countries!