Why the Nigeria needs to export rice milling machine from China?

Rice is a staple food of people in many countries, and Nigeria is no exception, that’s why rice milling machine in Nigeria is welcomed by the people who engaged in agriculture.

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The discovery of oil change the government’s emphasis on agriculture

At the beginning of Nigerian’s independence, many agricultural products such as cocoa, cotton, and peanuts had led the world. But since the discovery of oil in Nigeria in 1956, Nigeria ‘s economic focus has shifted to oil, and it become Africa’s largest oil producer since the 1970s. However, Nigeria’s agriculture has shrunk rapidly and its production has fallen sharply. The technology of rice milling machine in Nigeria is disappearing.

What ‘s the main reason about it?

The technology of rice milling machine in Nigeria is backward

Nigeria’s agricultural mechanization level is relatively low, and the scale of grain production is also relatively small. As the most populous country in Africa, Nigeria’s growing population is not directly proportional to their slow development of food production. The main reason is rooted in backward rice milling machine technology, insufficient crop varieties, limited application of high-quality varieties. This also makes it difficult for agricultural research results to be promoted on a large scale.

Insufficient agricultural fertilizer supply and low grain output

The land of Nigeria is barren. According to a survey by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of Nigeria, more than 80% of the land is severely deficient in nitrogen; more than 75% of the land is lack of phosphorus; and more than 60% of the land is moderately deficient in potassium. The amount of fertilizer applied in Nigeria is much lower than the amount of fertilizer applied in China.

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The price of local fertilizers is too high to meet the growth needs of rice, and most Nigerian farmers cannot afford fertilizer.

In addition, the paddy seed market is very chaotic, and most of the seeds sold on the market are not packaged and unspecified without quality assurance.

As a result, the output of rice is reduced, and the demand for rice milling machine in Nigeria is correspondingly reduced. Therefore, there are fewer and fewer rice miller machine manufacturers. The technology of rice miller machine can not keep up with the times and has remained in place.

Backward infrastructure

Various agricultural problems such as severe power shortage and inadequate irrigation technology have always existed in Nigeria. According to surveys by relevant agencies, China and Nigeria have broad prospects for agricultural cooperation. The Nigerian government has repeatedly called on China’s agricultural machinery manufacturing industry to enter the Nigerian market, especially China’s rice mill technology.

How can we revive Nigeria’s agriculture?

Mohammed Bello Umar, secretary of the Nigerian Ministry of Agriculture Development, said in a reply to an interview with the 21st Century Business Herald reporter, the Nigerian government has realized the seriousness of this problem. The government will increase the investment in agriculture and agricultural machinery, especially rice milling machines.

The consumption market of rice is huge, but the supply of rice milling machine in Nigeria is in short supply. Under this circumstance, people can not get enough rice to eat. At present, Nigeria still faces many deficiencies in the agricultural recovery. These problems are challenges for Nigerians, but opportunities for Chinese companies.

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