How to choose a proper rice milling machine?

As we all know, there are many different types of rice hulling machine with different prices, how to choose a right one according to your situation? Now i will list some common rice milling machine for you as your reference.

Q: What should I buy if I demand a home use rice milling machine with capacity around 100kg/h?

A: The low capacity rice huller is very common on the market, but most of them has poor milling effect. However, Taizy TZ-1small size rice miller boast high working efficiency and low price, and it is very fit for home use. What’s more, its weight is just 32kg, and it is easy to move

Paddy milling machine
Paddy Milling Machine

Technical parameter of small size rice miller

Size 675x400x1050mm
Model TZ-1
Packing size590x660x340mm
Weight 32kg
Power 2.2KW
Rice broken rate≤30%
Rice milling rate≥65%
Capacity ≥120kg/h
The diameter of rice roller40mm

In addition, if you want to crush grains, we also have combined rice milling and crushing machine. It not only is able to mill rice, but crush different grains such as corn, millet, sorghum and beans etc.

Rice milling machine 14
combined rice milling and crushing machine
Rice milling machine 13
combined rice milling and crushing machine

Technical parameter of rice milling and crushing machine

Rice milling machineMain Shaft Speed2800r/min
Crushing machineMain Shaft Speed5600r/min
Match Power2.2kw

Q: I am a farmer with a big paddy field, and I often sell the milled rice on the market. What should I do?

A: If you have a higher demand towards the rice cleanliness, the rice destoner parts should be considered. Thus, I suggest you to choose integrate rice miller. It can run steadily and can has high cleaning rate.

Paddy huller
Combined Rice Miller
Paddy hulling machine 1
Combined Rice Miller

Technical parameter of combined rice miller

The diameter of shelling roller72mm
The power of shelling roller5.5kw
The power of milling roller2.2*2 kw  380v
Capacity 500-700kg/h
The screen size of rice destoner part760*400mm
The power of rice destoner0.75ke
Overall size 2600x1800x3100mm

If your budget is not high, and you also have another choice-SB series of rice milling machine. It can be divided into four types, that is, SB-05, SB-10, SB-30, SB-50, and their capacities are different. To be frank, with reasonable price and stable performance,this kind of rice huller is very popular with farmers, and we have sold many containers to different countries such as Sudan, Nigeria, South Africa and Ghana etc.

Rice milling machine 9
Rice Hulling Machine
Rice milling machine 10
Rice Hulling Machine

Technical parameter of SB series of rice hulling machine

Power10hp /5.5 KW15hp /11KW    18hp /15 KW30hp /22KW
Capacity400-600kg/h700-1000kg/h   1100-1500kg/h1800-2300kg/h
Net weight130kg230kg     270kg530kg
Gross weight160kg 285kg     300kg580kg
Overall size860*692*1290mm760*730*1735mm1070*760*1760mm2400*1080*2080mm
Loading QTY/20GP27 sets24sets18sets12sets

Q: I have a big size rice processing factory, do you have 20-50 T/D complete rice milling plant?

A: yes, we have. This kinds of rice miller are equipped with rather complicated structure, and it is composed of nine parts, so we will assign engineer to install machine for you and train your workers on how to operate. There are four types such as standard type, medium type, high-end type, deluxe type.

Large scale 15tpd rice milling machine production line
Large Scale 15Tpd Rice Milling Machine Production Line

Technical parameter of 20t/t complete rice hulling machinery

Rice milling rate71%
Total power19.25Kw(without crushing machine)
 26.25Kw(including crushing machine)

Q: I run a rice milling enterprise with 2000 employees, and i always cooperate with government program, do you have 120T/D rice milling machine?

A: If you have a super size factory, we can provide you with a 120T/D rice milling machine. Of course, we absolutely will assign technicians to help you to install machine, and the rice processed by it has high quality.

Rice milling equipment factory
Integrated Rice Milling Equipment
Rice milling equipment factory
Integrated Rice Milling Equipment